To a Novice Songwriter

Upon the Receipt of His Song

This perhaps is even better

Than the undelivered letter,

Than a studio-perfected

Smartly-penned harmonic song

That, performed by bands somewhere,

None of which know us or care,

Leaves us cold and unaffected

Even though we sing along.

Yours may be naïve or muddled,

Some could find the plot befuddled,

But to me it is profound

And the message does get through.

Since I see my mind reflected

And your effort to connect it

To what your life is about

And to what matters to you.

I can't say how good it sounds

To be played and sung our loud;

I shall not decry or flatter,

All I know is that tonight

It resounded in my psyche,

Toched my core; so, yes, I liked it.

I'm no expert on the matter,

But I know it made me cry.