Brother in Christ, be Not Discouraged

Written By Bocaj Anaidni

Inspired by Jesus Christ, the one and only true God

Are you wearied by the burdens of living day to day?

If so, just remember what the Great Book has to say.

The Lord is our shepherd, he won't forsake us,

He'll never let this wretched world overtake us.

We'll never make it by ourselves,

But we've got God, who defeated the powers of Hell.

Brother in Christ, be not discouraged,

You're in God's hands; you're on the winning side.

It may look right now like things are rough,

But the all-powerful God will change the tide.

Do you feel like you're surrounded by aliens, their values different from your own?

Yeah, me too, I think they may never listen, might reject the God I personally know.

Well, don't make my mistake; don't be afraid to tell them what is real.

Because they're all sick with the disease called sin, that which only Jesus' blood can heal.

Furthermore, remember Matthew 5:10:

It says you're blessed when you're persecuted because of Him.

Brother in Christ, be not discouraged,

They are not rejecting you.

They reject the Gospel,

There's nothing more that you can do.

Do you feel overburdened by the guilt for your sins?

Well, you've been forgiven; Jesus took our punishment when they killed Him.

You don't have to take the Hell you deserve,

He came not to be served, but to serve.

There's no way anyone can ever make it all alone,

So thank God for stepping down from his throne.

Brother in Christ, be not discouraged,

You have been wiped clean.

No sins exist that can't be forgiven,

So sing your praises to the King.