Author's Note

Hey guys, this is just a note to say thank you so much to Helen who got my story put up on A Drop of Romeo! Thank you so much for the lovely words you wrote about it, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. This was one of my very first stories and my first historical fiction story and I definitely learnt a lot from it. I think my writing's improved a lot since then but I think you guys are the best judge of that Here's a link if you guys want to check out what Helen wrote about SfL (just take out all the spaces): www . adropofromeo . blogspot . com . au / 2012 / 07 / season-for-love . html

Apart from that, I want to thank everyone who read this story or will read it, you guys are absolutely awesome and amazing and all the other positive adjectives ever known to man.

Also, if any of you are reading the sequel to this story (David's story aka From Your Faithful Friend) I swear I haven't forgotten about it. I had a whole heap written for it but then my computer died so I lost everything. I will finish it, I've just been a bit busy. I think it's kind of a blessing in disguise because I didn't like the ending so this gives me an opportunity to rewrite it.

Anyway, thanks so much again to Helen and everyone else!