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That's what I had for dinner tonight.

Kenny, however, loved, adored, made love to the dish.

I wanted to puke.

There can be so many words to say how much I hated this dish.

And boy, did I hate it.

"Hate" is an understatement.

I picked at the soggy noodles and mushy meatballs while Kenny made epic sex with it using his mouth.

Oh my God.


"Kenny, save that shit for when you actually have a girlfriend," I said dryly.

Kenny responded by opening his mouth, displaying the chewed up contents at my face.

"Gross!" I complained as I pushed the 14-year-old's face away from mine. I couldn't help but laugh at the same time. Kenny flipped his shaggy brown hair off to the side, out of his eyes.

"Language," my father scolded.

"'Gross' isn't profane language," I argued.

"Before that," he shot back.

"Oh…well about that…"

"Don't make me hear that again. Understood?"

"Yes sir," I muttered.

Kenny nearly choked on his dinner trying to hold back the laughter building up inside of him. I sent a fairly rough punch to his shoulder, which resulted yelps to escape his lips.

"Finish your dinners you two," my mother said in a stern voice. "Especially you Lo," she added giving me a pointed look.

I scowled unpleasantly at her when she put her attention back to her food.

I never finished my dinner that night.

I tossed and turned that night. I kept waking up covered in sheen of fresh sweat with my sheets tangled up around my feet and my breathing coming out jagged and short.

All in all, I couldn't sleep.

The fourth time that I woke up irritated and tired, I gave up trying to go back to sleep. I kicked off my sheets angrily and hopped out of my bed. I slipped out my door, tip-toeing quietly when I passed Kenny's room. The boy's a very light sleeper.

Since I knew my way around the house with my eyes closed, I managed perfectly fine when I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen in the dark. I walked right in without having to turn on the lights and opened the refrigerator door, searching for my unfinished can of soda. Once I have found it, I grabbed and chugged its contents quickly. I paused after several large gulps to catch my breath. I finished off the soda and turned around to toss my can in the trash, leaving the refrigerator door open.

I jumped and let out a loud, breathy squeal and a loud burp when I caught sight of my mother hovered over the sink, her body elevating up and down slowly with labored breaths. I relaxed… sort of, knowing that it was my mother and not some psycho horny rapist.

"Mom?" I addressed her quietly and uncomfortably. I never really liked my parents, much less my mom. "Are you…?"

"Fine," she answered hoarsely. A round of violent coughs erupted through her entire body. She threw up right in the sink after that.

"Uh…" I started awkwardly. "There's a bathroom down the hall…"

She waved her hand dismissively at me, which I noticed by the way, was really pale. It shone like snow in the dark of a night.


I hope she's not pregnant.

I continued to stare at her helplessly with the refrigerator door still open. I shivered involuntarily and shut the door absently. Without the light shining from the machine, I noticed that my mom was even paler than I had anticipated. She was like a living light bulb. I shivered again.

Do pregnant women grow pale when they have morning sickness?

"Uh, good night, Mom," I said awkwardly. She turned to face me, and I gasped out loudly. Not only was her face ghostly white, she looked so much older; every living female's nightmare.

"Good night," she croaked in reply before she bent over to throw up again.

Maybe it's one her many beauty treatments that's making her sick.

I jogged up the stairs quickly because I was freaked out, like the feeling you get after watching a slasher movie. You feel like someone's watching you…

I snuck into my parents' room and shook my dad awake, gently.

"Aye Dad," I whispered.

"Mmm?" he mumbled.

"Do you mind checking on Mom? She's downstairs puking her lungs out in the sink."

He sighed, annoyed, but got up anyway.

"Go to sleep," he told me gruffly.

"Aye sir," I replied back.

I retreated to my room and fell asleep with no problem.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I jerked awake, my heart pounding violently in my chest.

"Fucking alarm clock," I cursed. "Screw you to hell."


Funny how that sounded exactly like my dad.

Probably was.

I quickly showered and changed for school before heading downstairs. I noticed a trail of blood drippings leading to the kitchen…

"Fucking Christ…" I muttered in disbelief repeating his words, following the trail. When I got to the kitchen, I found my dad hovered over the kitchen, preparing to pour some alcohol over his bleeding arm.

Hell, it wasn't even bleeding.

It was pouring.

Did I mention the missing pieces of flesh?

"Fucking Christ, fucking fuck fucking Christ…." I rambled to myself again. "Dad?"

He took a deep breath and attempted to dribble the chemical over his wound. When a drop reached his arm, he cursed loudly, causing me to jump. I decided that I didn't want him to find out that I was watching so I snuck around the corner outside the kitchen where I was still able to see what was going on.

I heard thumping footsteps coming from the stairs. I turned and saw Kenny, yawning loudly, approaching the kitchen. I grabbed him and covered his mouth. He looked at me with a panicked expression, but I put my finger to my lips, telling him to keep the fuck quiet. He nodded.

I peered into the kitchen and Kenny followed my movements. I felt him gasp beside me. Dad kept dripping blood in the sink and all over the kitchen. He gave up trying to clean his arm with alcohol and started reaching for the paper towels frantically. He one-handedly ripped out as many squares as he could and piled it onto his arm. The blood soaked through the layers of white with no time at all. His legs gave out, but with his good arm, he reached for the counter to break his fall.

I heard footsteps coming down from the stairs again. Kenny and I looked over. With a sharp intake of breath, my eyes widened with horror.

It was our mother. With blood all over her face. Especially her mouth.

"Mo—"I quickly covered Kenny's mouth with my hand and using my other arm to hold him down.

She was even paler than last night, if possible. Her eyes looked dead and she was dragging her feet across the floor.

"Honey?" she said. It sounded like her voice dragged on like her feet. When she saw him in the kitchen, she gasped. "Oh honey, I'm sorry, I didn't—"

"Shut up," our dad said between clenched teeth.

She didn't listen. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I got hungry all of a sudden—"

"So you fucking bite me?" he growled. He turned his head to cough out blood in the sink. She turned her head to the sink, her eyes glazing and her tongue ran over her chapped lips.

Our dad was swaying side to side all of a sudden. He struggled to keep his open. He lost grip of the counter and collapsed. Dead.

Too much blood loss, I guess.

I put my own hand over my mouth to prevent the scream from escaping. Kenny was shaking and breathing heavily. I continued watching; our mom dropped to her knees, her face blank and her eyes still lifeless. She watched the still corpse for a minute before lifting his arm to her face. She sniffed, taking in the scent of blood and flesh. Then, she sunk her teeth into to rip away the flesh.

I immediately covered Kenny's eyes. I held him close to me while I continued to witness the horror.

My mother was eating my father.




I eyed the baseball bat by the door and quickly scurried for it.

"Lo! What are you doing?" Kenny whispered frantically. He was sweating and his eyes were red; his eyes get bloodshot when he's scared.

I brought the bat with me and leaned in to Kenny. "She's not…human anymore, Ken."

"So you're going to kill her?!"

I nodded slowly, my heart pounding in my chest.

"What are…what are w-we going to d-do after this?" he asked finally.

"If she's like this, there's bound to be more people like her out there. We have to get out of this town."


"Just trust me Kenny." I swallowed. "Close your eyes and plug your ears Kenny."

His bloodshot eyes widened. But he understood. He did as he was told and I stood up with the weapon firmly in my hands. I stepped into the kitchen, my hands shaking.

The sickening noise of flesh being chewed didn't stop, it just got faster. The drippings of blood and organ pieces splatter around the area of Dad's corpse. His dead eyes stared at me.

I swallowed again. I closed my eyes…and swung the bat as hard as I could.

"We gotta hurry Kenny," I said grabbing the two duffle bags I had hidden in my closet. We'd use them whenever we wanted to escape the house.

"What are you talking about?" he said, confused while catching the bag I threw at him.

"We gotta hurry and leave before more people turn like Mom!" I jammed 5 t-shirts at once into my bag and stuffed in a couple of pairs of sweats and jeans. "Go to your room and pack as many clothes as you can."

He looked at me wearily.

"Please Kenny. Just trust me."

He pursed his lips and left my room to go to his.

When we were both done, we met at the end of the staircase. I gave him my car keys. "Go put the stuff into my truck. I gotta grab some food."

He nodded and exited out the door.

I hurried to the kitchen, dodging the pile of bodies on the floor. I grabbed boxes of cereal and canned goods. I opened the closet and reached for the beef jerky when I realized that we were definitely missing something. I put my finger to my lips, thinking.

Could it be…chips?



I nodded to myself and grabbed as many water bottles as I could.


No, Kenny and I would just leave them to rot.


"Dammit!" I said to myself. "What the hell is it?"

I started pulling at my hair, knowing that this "thing" is very important. I paced around the kitchen, thinking deeply to myself. Kenny and I would go crazy if we didn't have in stock with us on our trip…

When I decided to give up, I picked up the bag of food and exited out of the kitchen. I would've though, if I hadn't tripped from a hand that grabbed my ankle.


The bag of food flew out by the door making it convenient for me to grab the necessities when I escape. It wasn't that easy…because my mom awoke from the dead and is now trying to gnaw her teeth into my goddamn foot.

I screamed, thrashing my arms and legs, trying to loosen her grip. I would've grabbed something to bang her head with but all that's left on the floor are pieces of my dad. And I'll be damned if I accidentally grabbed his dick.

"Dammit!" I cursed. Instead of trying to pull away, I kicked her in her face. I heard a bone crush; it was probably her nose.

I quickly got up but so did she. She pounced on me, causing me to lie on my back. She lifted her face and snapped her jaws at me. I wrapped my hands around her neck, trying to keep her at bay. Damn, even as a dead and old woman, she had the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his good days.

"Fuck, fuck fuck," I muttered when her face got closer and closer.

Considering that death was one of my options, I decided to have a few words with my cannibalistic dead mother.

"Hey there Mom!" I struggled to say when she almost bit into my nose. "I just wanted you to know… Dad fucked my geometry teacher in my freshman year when she was over to tutor me on geometric proofs!"

A guttural growl escaped her throat.

"He told me, in mathematical terms, that your sex appeal was less than that of a gorilla!"

Her veiny eyes bulged to a point where it looked like it might pop out and land in my mouth.

"Oh my God, I know. He was turned on by gorillas!"

I went back on track to insulting her with truths.

"You know what else Mom? I never told you anything of my life because all you seemed to care was that stray piece of hair in between your eyebrows!"

She bared her bloodied teeth at me.

"That's right bitch. I noticed!"

That comment must've really set her off because she let out shattering scream. Which reminds me...

"Shit! I forgot you didn't brush your teeth this morning!"

With all my strength, I manage to push her off of me. I got up and stood against the wall.

"I've always though your cooking was terrible!" I continued. "The taste and smell was equivalent to that of Dad's fart and shit after he eats your mother's meatballs!"

She screeched and tried grabbing me. I dodged her easily and ducked under arm.

"Your singing sounds like our neighbor's dog on a good day!"

She tried grabbing me again and failed.

"I know you've been wearing push-ups and saving up for the water-filled kinds!"

This went on for a minutes longer before the front door opened.

"Lo, why the hell are you taking so—holy shit!"

"Kenny!" I cried, relieved. "Grab that bat!"

He did and was preparing to toss it to me.

"Fuck! Don't throw it to me dumbass! Do you want me to die?" I ducked my head when her arms tried to wrap around my neck. "Hit mom, as hard as you can, on the head!"

He was standing there stupidly with the bat in his hands.

"Dammit Kenny! Kill her!"

He readied himself, standing in the stance used to swing a bat he learned at baseball camp. He swung the bat when I pushed Mom in her direction. I heard a bone snap and her head spun around, limping to the side.

After taking in what just happened, Kenny repeated himself. "Why were you taking so long?"

"Just finally leaking the canned frustration I had for Mom."

"No wonder."

I nodded.

"Did you get the Twinkies?"

My mind went blank.

"Oh. That's what I forgot."

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