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All it took was two shots for me to be released of my dilemma.

Thank you Max. I owe you a box of Twinkies.

Too bad I still felt carsick.

Max brushed away the broken pieces of glass that surrounded me and pulled me closer to him.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Not sure," I moaned. "Could I just lay down on you?"

"Yeah," he replied. He repositioned himself so I could rest my head on his lap. I covered my eyes with my arm, trying to block the feeling of nausea flooding my body. "Where we headed Rick?" Max asked Ricky.

"Uh," answered Ricky, "I'm not sure yet. But we gotta stop somewhere quick because Lo is queasy."

"No shit," I mumbled weakly. Max patted my head reassuringly.

We drove for a while longer. Finally, Ricky slowed the car down. He opened the sun roof and pulled out a cylindrical object from his pocket. "Fire in the hole!" he shouted, and threw the pipe bomb as far as he could towards the horde of zombies stumbling after us. Everyone in the van ducked down before a relatively massive explosion occurred. I shut my eyes close and leaned into Max.

A startling boom shook the van, and the sand of splashing struck the windows. I looked up and saw blood everywhere; several fingers also managed to stick to the windows. Then I found an irregular-shaped object plastered on the windshield. I squinted, trying to decipher what it was. The little breakfast I had made its way slowly up my throat. The object was a piece of someone's head; completed with long black hair and pieces of brain.

I quickly pulled open the van door and vomited.

"We're here, you guys," Ricky announced. I didn't look up, still sick from my recent vomiting episode.

"Here where?" I asked weakly.

"A really awesome hotel," Kenny answered in awe. "Oh my gosh, it's freaking huge!"

"Okay, here's the plan," Ricky announced. "Everybody has to at least grab two guns; Lo, you can just hang on to a pistol. Kenny, you're in charge of the 'pipe bombs'."

Kenny grinned and saluted to the older man.

"I got the box of ammo. Questions?" Ricky said.

"I don't think I can walk," I pointed out.

"I'll carry you," Max offered.

"I weigh as much as two elephants, a great blue whale, five hippos, and the fattest man on earth. Combined," I warned.

Max rolled his eyes. "Sure you do."

"Alright, now that we've got that settled, let's move people," Ricky said. Everyone piled out of the van quickly, grabbing their assigned items. I sat in the van waiting for everyone to grab the things. Max, with his back facing me, crouched down in front of me.

"Hop on," he said.

I obeyed and slowly climbed aboard onto his back. I noticed that he had firm, very firm back muscles. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he grabbed hold of legs before he stood up.

"Liar," he told me. "You don't weigh that much."

"Thank you," I replied.

"What I mean is, you weigh more than two elephants, a whale, five hippos, and the fattest man on earth combined."

I head-butted him. Which, I might add, was a very bad idea.

I almost fell unconscious due to my intense headache.

"Stupid," Max chuckled.

"Shut the fuck up," I grumbled.

We started on our way towards the hotel. We were standing before the pretty glass doors. Ricky was walking back and forth, staring through the glass with narrowed eyes. He was scanning for any stray zombies. He nudged Kenny. He handed Kenny the ammo package.

"Open the door, very slow-like," he said in a low voice. He adjusted the strap of one of the fire arms on his shoulder. Then he cocked the shotgun he was holding. Kenny did as he was told, very well I might add. The door made no noise as he pushed it gently open. Ricky motioned for us to stay put; he entered the vacant building himself.

Lifting my head from Max's shoulder, I looked through the open door. Not surprisingly, there were half-eaten corpses everywhere, broken parts of the human body scattered unevenly across the lobby.

The sound of Ricky's footsteps echoed, which sounded so eerie, haunting. He stopped walking once he was about 5 feet away from the entrance doors. He cleared his throat loudly, and then he started…yodeling.

I instantly heard moaning and stumbling from several of the undead. The first appeared from behind the check-in desk; it was a young guy in the hotel uniform. He came running awkwardly towards Ricky. Ricky stared at him with no emotion. He pulled the trigger of the shotgun, aiming for the head of course. An unpleasant squishy sound emitted from the explosion of the head. The man hit the ground hard, smearing the blood from his half-blown head across the pretty tiled floors as he slid across. I choked back my vomit.

Having heard the shotgun go off, several more zombies appeared from different locations. One came staggering from all the way down the hall. Another wobbled from behind the desk again and the last zombie popped out dangerously to the right of Ricky. This didn't seem to faze Ricky; he shot the one nearest to him first, bits from the head hitting Ricky in the face. He flinched a little but regained his composure, flicking the piece of flesh from his face. He pointed his gun towards the desk and pulled the trigger. As for the zombie tottering towards him from the halls, he held out his hand to motion Kenny in. Kenny, looking proud, held his baseball bat like a pro and readied himself in the batting stance. He waited for Ricky's signal before swinging.

"Not yet…not yet…" said Ricky in a low voice. "Now!" he exclaimed.

Kenny swung the bat powerfully, disconnecting the head from the neck and shoulders. Blood squirted upwards like a fountain, and the lifeless body dropped to its knees limply before finally collapsing on the floor. Kenny mouthed "SUCK IT" to the blood squirting body below him. He and Ricky proceeded with their idiotic victory dance.

After they were done and panting, we located the stairs. It was the wiser choice because:

I'm still sick. Yep, still sick. Elevators have the tendency to intensify motion sickness.

And elevators have that freaking annoying "ding" that attracts hordes upon hordes of meat eating maniacs.

Wouldn't want that to happen now, would we?

"What floor?" Max asked.

"7th. It's a lucky number," Ricky answered.

And we started our trek up the stairs.

Max dropped me after we reached the third floor (which is impressive, if you think about it), so I had to walk the rest of the way. I walking up the stairs like a drunk; I was heaving over after every floor I have completed. When we finally, finally, reached the 7th floor, I wanted to collapse.

We picked room #723 (Ricky actually made the decision…he says it's his birthday). We broke down the door (actually, it was just Max. Ricky nearly broke his foot and Kenny is…Kenny.), and I was the first one to run in. Which was a really stupid move…because a zombie was currently trying to maul me.

"Lo!" Kenny cried.

Coming to my rescue, Max pulled the zombie off of me and shot him twice in the head. I was paralyzed to the ground.

"Lo," Ricky called from the hall, "you okay there?"

"Uh, I don't think I can move," I said honestly.

"Max?" Ricky said. "Think you got muscle left in you?"

Max sighed, bent down, and picked me up bridal-style. I squeaked. He dropped me gently on the bed, smirking as he did so. I glared at him.

Ricky and Kenny entered the room.

"Check everywhere," Ricky ordered.

"Already doing it," Max called from the bathroom. I heard a gunshot from where he was. "What are we doing with the bodies?"

"Drag them out," Ricky said. "Bad luck sleeping with zombies."

And so they did.

I lied in bed in a fetal position with a pillow over my head, an attempt to soothe my pounding head. "Kenny," I groaned, "did we pack any Tylenol?"

I heard him ruffling through a bag.

"That," he replied, "would be a firm, definite, absolute, positive, unyielding, concrete, unchangeable—"

"Kenny," I growled warningly.

"—certain, unquestionable, positive 'no'."

"All you had to say was 'no'," I grumbled.

"I'm working on my vocab, cap'n," Kenny replied.

"Biiiiittccchh," I whined to nobody in particularly, dragging out the short 'I' in 'bitch'. I'm in pain, and my one source of treatment was not available. Life sucked. Suddenly, I felt the crinkly feel of plastic on my arm. I peeked from underneath the pillow and found a packaged Twinkie resting on my arm. I looked up and found Max smiling at me.

"Solves everything," he said.

I doubted it. As much as I loved the overly sweet cream surrounded by the fluffiest cake, it just didn't sound like the remedy one would use for a headache. But I ate the Twinkie anyway, and sure enough I fell asleep peacefully seconds after.

I woke up to find the room completely dark, except for the light of a desk lamp. I rolled over in the bed to check the alarm clock. 2:03 AM, it read.

Well shit, I thought, what the heck was I supposed to do for…?

I held up my fingers to count.

...6 more hours? I finished.


The male voice caught me so off-guard that I leaped out of the bed and tumbled to the floor, making a loud thudding noise.

"Mommy?" muttered Ricky sleepily. "Noo, I am not banging another girl in my room."

I got up from the floor quickly, breathing heavily. I looked behind at the second bed and saw Ricky sprawled on it with his arms and legs spread. Kenny was curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. I stared at Ricky, a puzzled expression on my face.

"When he was in high school," said the male voice again, "his mother always thought he slept around because he brought a different girl home with him every week."

I screamed at the voice this time.

"Jesus, mom! We're only half-naked because the air conditioner is broken!" mumbled Ricky again.

Max was laughing. I looked towards the direction of the noise and found him clutching his stomach and sitting on a chair, laughing his ass off.

I glared at him.

"Jerk," I muttered.

I sat next to him on the floor.

"What are you up, anyways?" I asked.

"Keeping watch," he answered. "Wouldn't want to become a late night snack now, do we? And besides, I'm insomniac."

"Oh," I said. "That's a new way to wake up."

"I wouldn't recommend trying it though," he smirked.

I shuddered. "That would be horrible," I commented.

"Which is why I'm keeping watch. I had a feeling that you didn't want to lose an arm, or a leg, or both."

"Anyway, have you done anything exciting so far tonight?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Does watching you sleep count?"

"Pervert," I muttered under my breath, glaring at him beneath my side bangs. He grinned stupidly. "Seriously, what have you been doing?"

"Well, besides watching you sleep," he glanced at me only to find my dark brown eyes glaring furiously at him, "I sing."


"Yeah, not well, but I sing."

"That's kind of like me and drawing. I'm beast with stick figures."

"I'm sure you are," he smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing," he shrugged carelessly.

"So," I said changing the subject, "insomniac, huh?"


"Since when?"

"I don't know exactly," he said slowly. "I guess I've always been this way. I was only aware of my condition 3 years ago."

"That's strange."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he smiled.

"Oh, nothing," I stuck my tongue at him.

We were quiet after that because we heard footsteps from outside of the room. Max put his finger to his lips, which I now noticed was really plump and soft-looking. He had impressive lips for a guy. They were thick, kind of like Angelina. When you look at them, you just want to kiss the hell out of them.


I nodded at him, understanding. I grabbed the pistol from the bedside dresser. Max pulled out his own gun and loaded it.

He pressed his ears against the door, listening for the sloppy footsteps. The sound grew louder. I gulped nervously. I glanced back towards the bed. Kenny was still sleeping soundly in his fetal position and Ricky with his legs spread. I turned my attention back to the door.

Max had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He frowned when the footsteps stopped.

A moment of silence passed.

And then the footsteps picked up again. Faster, like a drum roll, as if it was running.

Right for our door.

The banging startled Max, who hopped back towards me. Beastly growls and disturbing moans vibrated behind the door.

Naïve about their capability to be able do the simplest of things (cough cough, like turning the door knob), I stepped in front of Max wanting to take the shot when the door swung open. That was when the door sprung open, in one piece, and a horrifying maid lunged for me.


Max grabbed my shirt from behind and pulled me back roughly. He kicked the maid in the chest, causing her to stumble backwards clumsily and bumping into the wall from across the hall. Max pointed his gun directly to her and pulled the trigger. Her brains exploded like my science experiment back in seventh grade when I put 5 packs of mint Mentos into one 2-liter bottle of cola. The blood squirting from her head shot into the air like a fountain of blood.

The impact of her exploding head was so massive that it caused the light hanging from above to smash into bits of tiny glass on the ground.

Did I mention how freaking loud it was?

It was like an explosion. If I hadn't knew better and covered my ears, my ear drums could've burst. Max's eyes widened at the crashing scene. He glanced frantically at both halls. My own eyes widened at the realization.

Ricky did mention that loud noises attracted them, right?

Then by all means, we're pretty much screwed.

I spun around, preparing to wake up Kenny and Ricky, but I found Kenny already conscious and standing, staring wide-eyed at me.

"Kenny," I breathed.

"Kenny," Max said in a firm tone, "grab as many of the supplies as you can but still manage to hold a gun in one hand. Ricky's awake?"

He nodded.

Max nodded too. He nudged my shoulder. "Come on, Lo. I got to teach you how to operate a shotgun."

I followed him and he taught me the ropes on how to use the heaviest gun I have ever held in my hands. I swear, it's like carrying an overweight baby.

We all heard the distant roaring from the incoming horde, so we had no choice but to hasten our packing. I carried a backpack that held our supply of food, Max carried a backpack full of water, Kenny lugged the ammo, and Ricky took charge of our precious Twinkies.

I adjusted the two pistols on the holsters held around my waist and loaded my shotgun.

Now the frightening noises from the horde were beyond near, so we hurried out of the hotel room. We were immediately met with a zombie stumbling towards us. I shot it, the power of the gun making me jump back a little. We ran for the stairs.

Unfortunately, it was swarming with zombies struggling to climb up.

"Elevator!" Ricky ordered. When we ran for the elevator, Ricky threw a pipe bomb at the crowd. The sound of limbs exploding noted of the detonation of the bomb.

Kenny pressed the down button frantically. We both looked up and realized that it was on the twenty-second floor. We happened to be on the 7th.

"We have to hold them off for as long as we can until the elevator arrives," Ricky panted.

We all nodded shakily, understanding.

"Don't shoot all at once," Ricky informed, "we need at least two people covering for those who are reloading."

And then the mob arrived from both sides. Max and I were up first to shoot down the bastards. I began shooting immediately to avoid them from coming any closer. I grew to love the shot gun, because the shells were powerful enough to go through up to three bodies. It was freaking sweet.

"Cover me!" I shouted, stepping back to load my gun with shells. Ricky took my place and Kenny replaced Max soon after. Kenny didn't even have to aim; he shot the gun like crazy and still managed to take down a couple. I checked the floor of the elevator. 17, it read.

"Why are elevators so goddamn slow?" Ricky griped loudly.

I stepped in for Kenny when he ran out of ammo.

I was too busy shooting at things running at me, so I didn't realized that there was a zombie crawling and grabbing for my legs. I screamed, jumping up and down trying to dodge its urgent grips. I pummeled its head with the butt of my shotgun.

It felt like we were fighting them for hours on end, when in reality, it was only a few minutes. They kept coming in massive hordes, not pausing for us to break. I was surprised that I still have shells to spare.


Shit. I spoke too soon.

"Ah, shit," I spoke my thoughts out loud just as a male zombie planted him on me.

I screamed and put my hands around its neck to keep his snapping jaws from getting a piece of me. I even tried to kick its groin; all I got in return was the disturbing sound of mashed organs. I groaned, disgusted.

Apparently, everyone was too busy to rescue the damsel in distress. I rolled my eyes at the "men". Using all of the strength I had in me, I kicked the zombie off of me. I quickly pulled my pistol from my holster and shot the motherfucker in between the eyes. The head split open from the top half, spilling the black red organs onto the floor.


"Elevator! Go! Go, go, go!" Ricky shouted.

As quickly as I could, I jumped to my feet and kicked our supplies into the elevator.

"Careful of the fucking Twinkies!" Ricky shouted at me, irritated.

Once everyone was in, Kenny pressed the "close" button like there was no tomorrow. The doors closed just in time, breaking off several arms from the zombies. We all proceeded to reload our weapons.

"So…"I said. "…this is exciting."

"You don't say," Ricky commented dryly. "There's nothing like waking up from a nice sleep to shoot hungry dead people."

I chuckled uneasily from his bitter mood.

"Say," said Kenny softly, "if this is the end, it's been fun guys."

"Kenny!" I scolded gently.

"Just saying, Lo. Did you just see what we experienced just now? We could've died! I'm just taking advantage of our…aliveness, to tell you guys…that I love you," he said finally. "See y'all in Twinkie Land."

Ricky's eyes widened. "You believe in Twinkie Land?"

Kenny and I both nodded.

"Amen, brother and sister," he said in a preacher-like manner. "See y'all in Twinkie Land."

I looked at Max. He grinned at me.

"See y'all in Twinkie Land," he said.

I smiled back, hoping that we'll manage to survive this somehow.

"See y'all in Twinkie Land," I said quietly before the elevator doors opened.

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