N/A: so i changed how texting and IMing is going to be Rayne is going to be in bold and Hailey's is italic

Chapter 4

When we got back to the house we began to bring in the grocery bags into the house, Jenny was sitting in the living room watching TV. "Can you come out and help?" I ask her.

"Nah" Jenny mumbled as she turned back to the TV. I growled under my breath and continued into the kitchen to put the groceries away. After 15 minutes we had all the groceries in the house and put away. I headed up to my room to see my phone blinking the multicolor LED I have set for text messaging going on my phone. I plopped down in my bed and grabbed my phone. 3 texts messages. I opened my inbox to 2 of them being from Rayne! Excitement ran through me. I quickly began to open them.

Rayne 4:30pm: Hey whats up?

Rayne 5:00: I guess your busy text me back when you get the chance

Alex 5:28: Hey you. Whats up? How did the rest of your first day go? Details girl DETAILS!

How stupid could I be to leave my phone here! I quickly replied.

To Rayne: Hey, sorry I went to the grocery store and forgot my phone how stupid can I be? Lol. What's up?

To Alex: didn't see her the rest of the day :( so nothing new.

"Hailey!" My mom was yelling to me from downstairs. "WHAT!?" I growled back. "Come down here! NOW!" I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was pissed off. I grabbed my phone; I wasn't having it not on me again. I headed out of my room and down the stairs to face my insane mother. The moment I reached the bottom of the stairs my mom was on my case. "Why did you go grocery shopping?! And on top of you taking the card without my permission, you buy all that crap!" Her voice was full of venom, just like it always was when she was incapacitated. I just stood there with a blank look on my face, un-phased. " You probably spent every penny that was on that card! What are we going to do when we run out of food? 'Specially with how much you dumb ass kids eat!" "I didn't spend all the money on the card thank you very much. And you have three growing kids, food isn't going to last forever! And I took the card because there was literally no food and don't go giving me shit for going shopping so I could feed your children! You said you were going to go, but what did you do? You sat around drinking and smoking up!" I felt my phone vibrate. "So if you are so mad about it, get off of your high horse and go shopping your damn self!" I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone. It was Rayne! "what I do is my business, and I told you I was going to go. Even so, it still doesn't right your wrong on taking it without asking?!" She said as I was opening the text and readinglol silly girl. nothing going on here, u?

I started to reply but then my mom spoke again "I'm talking to you! Its not polite to be messing with your phone when someone is talking to you! 'Specially if its me!"

"Okay" is all I had to say. "I'm serious, Hailey Xander!" She scolded "now give me my card!" I took it out of my wallet and handed it to her. "Here! Now I have homework to do" I headed back up to my room. I sat down at my desk and turned on my computer and lit a smoke, then replied back to Rayne's text.not so silly, just not too bright. I'm sitting on the computer, the only thing I ever really do. When my was computer booted up and I opened up the browser and signed onto my Facebook and yahoo messenger.You seem bright to me. but I also have no life, I'm attending to my farm on Facebook. I'm addicted. Lol.How do you figure I'm bright? And Very nice. I actually just signed onto my Facebook.

ADD ME! And you are bright cos your friends with me. XD

Of course I will ^_^

I replied back, smiling intensely. I searched for her and I knew it was her when I saw her profile picture. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a really tight black tank top that said 'bite me' in bloody letters. Her eyes had a sparkle to them. Not as good as they do in person but still, they were amazing. Her hair was like it was at school except the color was black and pink instead of the black and blue like she has now. The background was the moon and a pond that had a waterfall falling into it. I pressed add as friend and then headed back to the home page and click on the bottom for my Farmville. I know what Rayne means it is kinda addicting. I do tend to try to make sure my crops don't die and my animals don't explode. The second my farm loaded I had an IM from Rayne, that was fast. We talked back and fourth for about an hour, nothing really worth mentioning, till I received an IM saying

Hey, I have to get off. Could I just come over and hang?

I didn't know what to say, I just met her I usually don't have people come over my house in less I'm really close to them and can trust them. But for some odd reason I replied

Sure. Just let me do a few things and I'll text you when I'm done so you can come over ^_^

But for some reason, she wasn't like other people. That much was obvious. When it came to her, my mind just ended up fogging over, it was like I was in one of my moms drug-induced hazes, and if she asked me to do something, I would do it without hesitation. I felt I could die for this girl and I just met her!

Maybe Alex was right.

I was in love.