"If your wondering if I wanted to, I wanted to, so lets make a move, cause we don't got all night."

But when the conversation stopped, I stopped, and I felt incoming defeat,

My heart was heavy, and I was sad. I was no longer complete,

But when you told me how you felt, how you felt toward me,

I leaned in close to kiss your lips and feel your body heat

But she paused and stopped, pushed me away, and she said, "boy!

I keep wondering, if I want you too, I know you do, but you don't understand!

My world is so crazy, it just keeps spinning. And all I feel is this confusion, is all this emotion illusion?"

And I said "Girl! If your wondering, I want you, and it sounds like, (and it sounds like) You want me too.

So just relax, let your feelings run their course, We are just lying here, on this moonlit shore.

We got all night, and I aint, in any kinda rush. I like you that's all it is, we don't even have to touch"

And I said "Girl! If your wondering, I don't want you, to make that move, (to make that move) because I don't want just that.

I like your soul, I like your eyes, that quirky way you laugh.

Your beauty so enchains me and leads me down a path.

Deeper into your eyes it leads, to your beautiful soul.

I don't want to stop, but I cant breath, your just so beautiful.

You stole my breath, with that look, and I cant just look away.

I want you to know how I feel and that Im here for longer than just today!"

She turned and said "Boy! If your wondering, if I want you to, I want you to, So make a move, Cause I cant be here all night!"

I leaned in close, to look her in the eye, but she had different plans.

She leaned in close, and made my legs weak, our lips touched, as she took my hands.

And she said "Boy! If your wondering if I want you too, I want you, So make a move, cause we don't got all night."