Man Who Fell From The Moon


He rose from the steam, in the darkness, so he had a black heart, black eyes, and hair, all given to him by darkness. His pale skin was given to him by the pale light of the moon, he slept in the wilderness, protected by the thorns from a bed of roses, his build was slender for agility.

If he was created by the hand of God, he would be as perfect as Adam, the only defect being his black heart which pumped no blood, as it was no necessary on the moons surface, by the looks of him, appeared as though he was sculpted by Michelangelo.

Heightened senses and sharp wolf-like fangs, made this passive man a predator in times of need.

He was here on Earth for a simple reason, all of NASA's engineering on the moon pushed him out,

in fear he would be found on his home, he relocated and inhabited Earth as his new home. He feared that humans would one day destroy the moon, his beautiful crater filled home, he missed it dearly, and he hadn't been gone that long.

Rosy pink lips parted for a sigh, as he woke, the cold feel of the grass and breeze of the night sky was foreign to him, he stretched his arm, letting his fingers run through the blades of grass that acted as a bed for him, though careful as not to disturb the mystical creatures that protected him, the roses,

it was quiet for several hours, until he heard movement.

Light footsteps told him that it was in the form of a human, female, it moved and stopped in an odd pattern more like skipping, rather than walking, suddenly then it was gone, he dare not sit up, there were the roses to consider.

Though a few more moments passed and curiosity bested him. He sat up in his bed, and looked around his enchanted forest, and saw her, with auburn red locks that fell in curls, pale skin with bright red cheeks and eyes blue as the ocean sea, her nymph like attire suited her forest surroundings, she smiled at him, she wore a Tierra made of twigs and leaves, "You've come."

She said, her voice was calming to say the least, this shy man didn't know where to begin. What would he do, where would he go? "You are?" He asked quietly, his voice meek, she brought to him a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, the roses parted as if Moses were parting the sea, he was embarrassed to say the least,.

"Terra." She said, " I will help you, find rest in your new home."

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