Where was I when I got lost?

But if I knew, would I be here?

This is now what me scares, my friend,

For I fear much knew I it well!

The places found by accident

Are hardly accidental stops

When will would have a way not known

To self which would not soon depart.

What will I do—know I my place?

Yes, it is known—perhaps it's not.

Whence have I come—where shall I go?

You are my friend—my soul's mine own.

I am but a lowly soul:

A captain hardly—servant sole;

Master of none, I would console;

I bow my heart, to seek a soul.

Do I desire futility

When friendship needs humility?

Perhaps my heart shall rest in peace,

Lest it be given fatal lease.

Above the waters now I sit,

And weep what would become of it.

My captor sought of me a song,

That I should sing before too long.

I sing of love, and mercy, too,

May He grant them not to few,

That not in jealous rage persist,

Love be to them who once it wished.

Yet that is not my problem, friend.

Should I myself now not defend,

My careless planned intentions lend

Themselves to rise aloft in wind.

And foolish though it may seem,

And selfish even it may be,

At heart I only good would see,

That crowned in service would I gleam.

I would not worry now about my words:

Imagination fond can'haps soon turn,

Yet if in time my secret I can't spurn,

I'll stay your friend—I'll learn—for best or worst.