Is there an uglier word?

One that cuts deeper?

I don't think so

And you don't either

So why

Do you keep throwing it in my face?

When will this end?

I'm sick of this game we play

Slashing each other

With the double-edged swords

That we polish so proudly

And smiling in anticipation

Of the next opportunity

To fillet each other's hearts

Well you've gone too far

Can't you see

That I never wanted a part

In this twisted game of yours


By the Devil himself?

I simply ached for your smile

Even if I was forced to sacrifice

My own

Well I give up

You don't want me anymore

And that's okay

You yearn for a new opponent

One that won't surrender

At the sight of your tears

And that's just fine

Because I've got my own tears to dry

So let me nurse my wounds in peace


And maybe one day

I'll be able to disguise the scars

And live

Like I haven't died