a sonnet

She never listens; that's why I don't cry

But disappointment just can't stay inside.

Salty raindrops fall. It's no wonder why

Sometimes I wish I'd been the child who'd died.

She said I was useless, a stupid child

But later that same day you told me I

Was beautiful and walked away with wild

Bed hair, playful smile, and my heart up high.

You were the only one who was there for

Me ev'ry time I cried. Now that you're gone,

What's there to live for? I've hit the cold floor

Of my bittersweet life. The deed is done.

As I lie dying in a pool of red,

I keep in my heart the last words you said.

Note:'s a little angsty isn't it? I did this for my English class and read it out loud for extra credit. Suffice to say, you could hear crickets chirping in the background while everyone, including my teacher, looked at me with a look that said "you need counseling, don't you"?

Come on, people. This isn't the true story of my life...well...actually it is...except for the guy with the bed hair and playful smile...wish he existed ;P anyone?