A Hero of the People

Funeral arrangements were held for the fallen statesman. While recalled as one of the greatest supporters of the free market, his confrontational approach often brought difficulties with his European allies. His socialistic rival from across the world came to pay his final respects. His social conservativism was polarizing to many of the people in his country. However, the military build up he started was credited with ending the Cold War.

The funeral for President Mikhail Gorbachev of the United States of Russia was conducted by the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church himself. His charisma was so great, two of his greatest rivals came. The last Premier of the former United Socialist States of America, Ronald Reagan, came to pay their respects. The American Federation had overtaken the USSA, and the risk of nuclear war had been greatly reduced. The world was now unipolar, and the only pole was the capitalistic USR.