Industrial carpets.

Pale blue walls symbolise peace;

are cold


Guide me up the metal edged stairs,

where they hide the nutters.

Posters with bulletpoints

and cartoons: make light

those problems whose

solutions we hope to find,

here, make it simple -

give us hope


Doctor, why do you hold

my life on a pedestal?


You don't know me.


Light filters in through the half-slant

beige window blinds; discrete,

your poise - legs crossed, face tipped -

reads: Confidential. Tell your secrets here.


When there are billions of lives worth living,

why save mine, so small?


A half wish, I shouldn't have

started this. The seat is low

and cushioned; sit back, be comfortable -

make this your

second home.

But I don't want it to be.


Why save a soul so inconsequential?

Why do you make the effort to be my saviour

when what I need is

a sinner

to burn my life into the ground?

I wouldn't mind.



that blow into the sky

And no one will remember

I haven't written anything in 100 years... you can probably tell! Any feedback is gratefully received :)