My feet are bare, so I can feel the sand
There are tiny blisters on my hands
A long loose T-Shirt it what I wear
My hair's a mess, but I don't care
Coconuts surround my feet
The sun is hot, I feel its heat
Good thing I found a case of tea
Cause now I'm not as thirsty
A book I found is on page nine
I lie to myself and say I'm fine
I'm hungry and I feel quite ill
Although I'm restless, I try to lie still
I look at the clouds up in the sky
Praying that a plane won't pass me by
The coconuts spell out the word help
Cause I'm on this island all by myself
I'm scared and I want to go home
I'm afraid to move around and roam
Will I have to stay another day
Forever alone, a castaway