Getting so tired of all these feminist sites saying that abstinence is a bad thing, and even if you are choosing to not have sex, its wrong. Only the religious books or books with some religious them, minus one, say its ok. Sex is a big thing, especially to women, and excuse me for wanting my first time to really mean something. I am 24 and I'm still a virgin, so what? Does that mean I'm going to judge you for not waiting? Absolutely not. So if I'm not telling you how wrong you are, why should you tell me how wrong I am? Recently read a blog about a girl who was concerned about her sister because her sister was choosing to be pro life, religious, dress modestly and not have sex. The girl had huge problems with it, even tried to stage an intervention. Then she couldn't understand why when she kept attacking her sister, the sister finally turned on her. Called the girl a slut, etc. Did I mention the sister was only 16? I get so frustrated sometimes.

Then you have all these comments about purity balls. How wrong they are, etc. Hello anybody remember daddy/daughter dances? It's a way to encourage dad's to be involved in their daughter's life! As long as it doesn't stop their we're good. Daughters need their dads involved in their lives, if not they have a harder time when it comes to choosing potential mates, it's a proven fact. Are there other ways to be involved in a child's life? Sure, but almost every little girl loves getting really dressed up and feeling like a princess for a night. That's what it's all about, giving our girls worth outside of sex. Should so much emphasis be placed on keeping "pure"? In my opinion, no. I am a strong advocate of abstinence first sex ed. I will talk to my future children about sex, however it will be their choice, and I will love them no matter what.

What's sad is my own mother questions my choice. She can't understand why I'm not out there meeting guys, and dating constantly, why I am choosing to not have sex. For me it's partly about a vow I made to myself and God when I was 13, but also because I've seen to many babies, and kids that were unplanned. I babysat for one of them last night. I am pro life, but I don't feel abortion should be taken away. If we make it illegal, women will still be desperate and do stupid things. Instead I believe the way to combat abortion is through education.(I know what a concept) Educate women and young men on contraceptives, and diseases, etc. I also believe that every high school senior should have to spend a minimum of 30 hours taking care of either an electronic doll, or in a daycare, during the worst hours. Show them that they're not always so cute, and let them hear the stories about "that one time" I gaurentee our teenage pregnancy rate will go down rapidly as well as abortion rates. Planned parenthood used to do sex talks. They would go into homes, invited, and the kids could ask questions, and have them answered by a professional, no abortion was mentioned, abstinence was talked about as the only sure way, but contraceptives were also talked about.

Do I want to get married and all that jazz someday. Probably, I know I want to be a mom. I guess I'm just getting tired of being told I can't be pro-life,