A/N: Writer's write about what they know. This is my life. I would guess I would know it.

Chapter 1:

A good way to meet new people is to step outside of your comfort zone. The best person I have ever met in my entire life only happened because of one night when I was so unlike myself. In all technicalities, I had met this person previously at a concert. But the music was so loud and the group was a friend of mine's and I only socialized a little. I had figured that I would never see most of these people again, but if I did then I would have a good basis to re-acquaint myself later. It was just nothing too heavy or personal for the first round of meetings. Since I would hazard to guess that this night is important to my story, I shall tell it in full.

Freshman in college, new roommate, new friends – new life. It was a time of starting over for me, a time to get out of who I was in High School and start being who I imagined myself to be. It was my philosophy that if I could start over then I could pretend that I was this person all along, which would only motivate me to become this fantasized person. All-in-all, it worked pretty well. I'm not going to say there's nothing I would change, but that event in my head is entirely different than the one going on right now. Although, you will be told later on in my story.

So, it was my first official outing with my roommate and her group of friends that she came to college with. There was no one that followed me here from my previous high school, so I clung to my roommate's arm at this concert. I didn't know anyone, and although I really wanted to meet new people, I couldn't help but be nervous about it all at the same time. My roommate's name is Jessica, by the way. And she was quite the God-send. If I didn't already have an idealized version of myself that I wanted to portray, I would have copied hers. In her idealized version, she was the center of the party and the love of everyone. This was actually only true when it came to the male species though, but at least she was half way there to reaching that dream. My personal dream didn't actually include a male/female companion, but I'm quite happy to say that this statement has since been revised. Now, onto the night of music and acquaintances.

It was late October of 2007, the days were cool and the nights were even cooler. But winter had not gripped us yet with its cold and harsh weather, so a night out was still possible.

My roommate invited me to some local band's concert, as a good gesture. She had previous plans with these friends of hers and since we had been getting close, she invited me to come along as well.

"It's just going to be a bunch of people from my High School." She said while rifling through her dresser. The mixed signals were there. She dismissed the people being there as casual and regarded them with no real need for specialty, but the way she was trying on different outfits and casting them aside meant that this meeting meant more than she was letting on.

"Do you have anything that I can borrow? You can use some of my clothes too!" She had finally given up the search for the perfect outfit from her own wardrobe.

"Yeah, sure." I replied, we had made a decision together that there were two sub-rules to borrowing clothes. Number one being that there had to be a question to borrow a specific clothing item, and the second one being that the same clothing item must be washed and put back within a week. It was actually one of our good rules since we never had any trouble with clothes. Probably one of the main reasons one of us wasn't murdered in the night either.

So we finally ended up trading shirts, she took one of my brown empire waist shirts with a multicolored belt and I wore her blue cowl top. Each shirt was paired with a normal pair of jeans, so it didn't look too dressy, but there was some definite thought put into the outfit.

"What time are we leaving here?" I inquired. It was already half past six and I was pretty sure the concert was at 7.

She turned to me and grinned, "Now?"

So off we went. Onward to meet the love of my life.