My hopes, my fears:

Dedicated to Robin

What am I supposed to do when my heart feels this way?

Is there a certain way I am supposed to act?

Am I supposed to pretend my feelings are eating my insides?

My heart feels empty when you are not by my side.

More empty than it has ever felt.

When I am with you I feel complete, I feel pure.

This feeling I have never experienced before,

I have loved others, but no, this is much more,

My heart only beats steady when you are in my arms.

Without you my heart cannot find peace.

You are all I think about,

I can't get you out of my head,

I do not know if it is a good thing or bad,

How do you feel about me – I wonder?

Are you as crazy about me as I am for you?

Have I got myself too deeply attached to you?

Should I have guarded my heart better?

I just feel so right with you.

It feels as though we are meant to be.

My heart is true, and I can only hope that yours is too.

I have no doubts about you,

Do you have doubts about me?

Sometimes it seems you might,

And it crushes my heart in so deep,

So deep that I can barely breathe.

Sometimes I feel that you want something else, something different,

My biggest fear is that I am not enough for you,

After all I am not perfect,

I would do anything for you, and I hope you know that,

All I want is to see you happy.

I pray to the lord every night thanking him,

I thank him that I found you,

And I ask him to watch over us and keep us together,

I am thankful to know you, but it is not his decision,

It is for you to decide; and I only hope you will choose me.