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This story has been in my head for a while and I have finally finished the first chapter. The story is the first in a series of… well I'm not sure how many yet, so far I have beginnings for four, including this one though three of them are Slash/Yaoi. This means boyXboy. They all tell slightly different aspects and the next two are a small jump into the future, now before I get carried away and give too many spoilers.

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It wasn't often I woke on Saturday morning to the phone ringing. Annoyed, I thought of ignoring it, but then again it could be Mother… I sighed and shuffled down the steps and into the kitchen.


"Hey, Jeffery! What's up man?" Why do you sound like you just woke up?" I growled into the receiver.

"Thom why are you calling me so early?" I rubbed my face as Thom spoke again.

"Jeffery, it's almost noon man." He sounded like a parent might scold a small child. Scrunching my nose, I decided to take it slow with one of my few friends.

"Thom, what is today?"

"Saturday?" that didn't jog his memory.

"Good! What was yesterday?"

"Friday…" still…no.

"What did I do yesterday?" One more try…

"Well there was school, then you usually go club…Oh! Oh, sorry man!" Ding, ding! Tell him what he won Jeffy!

"Good job! Anyway what do you want?"

"Well since your up… lets go to the beach! Get some food, hang out, or watch chicks." Unlike the other part of our trio, Maria, Thom didn't know I was gay. Or refused to acknowledge the signs I had not-so-subtly put out there. I think he's trying to convert me…

"Hmmm I dunno, Thom. We do this almost every weekend." Please, let me go! I just want to sleep!

"So? We may even get lucky…" see! The converter shows is ugly head!

"Nope, not today. I want to get some real sleep for once. Call me this afternoon."

"You just want to be lazy and slump around the house don't you? I bet is if call Maria-"

Click… Look, silence, it's a beautiful thing. Now back to the sleep thing…

A few hours later the phone, which I had cleverly taken up to my bedroom with me, rang. I glanced at it, for the fifth time, yet this time I pressed the green button. See; look at how smart I am, I answer when mummy calls.

"Hi baby! How's the nap coming along?"

"Hey mom. You not pushing them to get me up are you? " I smiled as my mother laughed.

"No, but it's Saturday. How are you sweetie?" I pondered for a moment before moment before answering her.

"Good, school is going fine. Science is still a pain… what are you up too?"

"Working… I've been so busy! There's so much stuff to see and do and take pictures of,

I'll need to send you some so you can put them on our computer and…"

"Mom, what are you not telling me…" I could hear her sigh.

"Well I was hoping to surprise you but… I'm coming home next Saturday!"

"What? Really?! Sweet, what time will you get here? Do you want me to come get you? Should I have Danni come and cook for us?" I was ecstatic; my mother hadn't been home for three months, photographing wildlife in some remote jungle in New Zealand.

"No honey, I have someone to drive me. Danni hmm… yeah go ahead and call Danni.

Tell him to make his Da'prize."

"So, who's coming over?" uh oh… queue the bad feeling.

"Hm? Oh Robert and Ashton. So do you think we should call out the fancy China?"

"Who?" 'From bad to worse' comes to mind…

"And maybe we should call Danni's little brother…what's his name? Well, anyway he could do some music…"

"Mom…" she was doing this on purpose!

"And Danni's Mom, what was her name? Well, she can do a cake or a pastry of some kind…"

"Mom!" will it work?

"Yes baby?" finally an answer!

"Who the hell are Robert and Ashton?" so I have a not-so-polite mouth when I'm frustrated

"Watch your language young man!"

"Who are they?" please don't say marriage or something stupid…

"Well, he's my fiancé."


I will hate them. I will hate them. I WILL hate them.

I sat with my mother, at the airport, waiting for Mr. McBane. For you who did not read the invisible ink at the end of the last paragraph, that's going to be my new last name.

Mother had looked rather… well it was such a mixture of emotions there wasn't name for it. However I can give you a list of a few I recognized. Excitement, fear, embarrassment, worry, and those hurt little puppy dog eyes that make you want to hug them and cuddle them and tell them you're sorry. I felt almost bad for the way I was treating her, but I won't give in, I. Will. Hate. Them.

"Flight 1023 from New Zealand to New York now arriving." The Bored Lady said over the intercom. Mothers head snapped up and she stood. I could see she was bouncing on the inside. I however, continued to sulk in my world of hate and unhappiness. So 19 years old, I know. I actually took a sick day for this, come on…

I looked at my mother, and saw she waited with baited breath. Ok so she was searching and bouncing over the heads of everyone else to find her one true love.

"Sarah!" a lightly balding blonde man, came over waving a hand as he wove the crowed. I seethed as he reached over and hugged my mother. Glancing around for my "brother" I noticed a tall slate blue-black hair, (probably dyed) and a shirt with the popular logo of Bite Me (on the back was written "I bite back") and tight black jeans. Despite my anger, he looked really hot… Holy fuck, I did not just check out my step-brother!? This is bad… Shit! Mentally beating myself I hardly noticed until he was next to me that Ashton was standing right beside me. I glared up at him to hide my embarrassment. He pushed his hair out of his eyes, as if he was nervous.

"Uh hey, I'm Ashton." No fucking de duh! Curtly, I answered.

"Yeah, I figured that." He seemed bewildered by my tone; I think I even saw anger flash in his eyes. Ok back off Jeffery, no need to set off the tall, scary brother. My inner voice cackled. I nearly stepped back but hesitated as the dark anger disappeared as quickly as it had come.

"So Jeffery, right?" Gods, had Mother told him all my 19 years of embarrassing stories?! (It completely slipped my mind that I could have been associated with my mother, we look alike.) Before my "inner voice" or my better reason could warn me, my mouth was running again.

"Yeah, just Jeffery to you. No stupid pet names." I jumped and covered my mouth, then turned and started toward Mom and Robbie, (who were starting to walk away during this confrontation) when someone gripped my shoulder and spun me.

"Look you…" he was interrupted by my mother calling us. He sighed and let go. We walked toward them, quickly. Until I tripped that is, over a briefcase. Who leaves a briefcase in the middle of a fucking terminal hallway?! I thrust my arms forward as I started to fall forward, but an arm wrapped around my waist. Ashton hauled my skinny form back up with both hands. They lingered on my waist, keeping me steady. I blushed and quietly thanked him, pushing through the crowd to our parents.

"Hey baby, you ready?" my mother asked as we approached. Why wouldn't I be? I thought.

"Yeah, all set Mom." You got your "family", I got you. I sank back into my depression as we walked around all the gift shops. I stayed to the back, shooting glares at Rob or his son. Of course, when they weren't looking. I knew it was childish but I couldn't think of better idea that didn't involve violence.

Finally, we climbed into the van, Robert driving with my mother next to him, Ashton and me in the back. I managed to keep my sulking teenager act until we set off, then I was just depressed. The air around me was filled with a tension you could cut with a knife.

Ashton, at this point, has seemed to have lost all interest in me.

It was raining outside the garage, and I watched the drops as they hit my window. So entertaining, I know. At some point I must had fallen asleep, because I dreamt.

Judging by the buildings that surrounded us, I had slept through most of the hour long ride. I relaxed, Mom was back, we were headed home, and someone was gently petting my head. Wait…!?

Sitting up, I glared at the man sitting next to me. Ashton, who had been staring out of the window, glanced up. Shooting him an edged glare, I slid as far away from him as I could.

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly as he glanced side-long at me.

"And what would be so fucking funny?" I said through clenched teeth. I heard him chuckle at my remark and bristled. It was a dark humor, like it was hiding something deeper.

"Your reaction, you resemble a cat when you do that.

"My reaction? What the fuck?" my mind seethed at the thought that he thought my reactions amusing.

"You were just sleeping on me, yet you act if I'm poison." I flinched and relaxed my posture.

"I wasn't sleeping on you! And I look nothing like a cat!" he chuckled again.

"Whatever you say, kitten." My eyes widened.

I yelped as the van suddenly turned to the right, onto our driveway. I was thrown against Ashton, who caught me, naturally. Stupid missing seat belt… Again, he made sure I was steady before letting me go. This time I looked up at his face. He was casual, but for the first time I noticed his eyes. They were a startling, bright green. I stared at them for a moment, before he caught and held my stare. Blushing I looked down. I pushed myself off as soon the car stopped, climbed out, and then was swept into a crushing hug.

"Ack! Mom?" she pulled back, whispering. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to push away at the airport." My expression softened, I couldn't stay mad at her. I hugged her back. Ashton's stare caught my eye and I sent him a questioning look. He shrugged and continued to walk over to where his father already waited for us.

Danni, as usual, had cooked a fabulous meal for us. After the soup course, he had cooked a French meat pastry that tasted like cinnamon. Then brownies, with extra chocolate, and hot coco.

Such a meal would usually be revered at our house (we don't cook much) but between, sitting across from Ashton and watching Robert and Mother being, well cuddly. At the table, that we we're eating at.

I wasn't doing so well. Even Ashton, who had seen them like this before, it would seem, was looking a little green. Unlike Danni, who had cleverly escaped the scene, our manners kept us stuck here. We just waited for Rob and Mom to stop. Finally I couldn't stand the cuddly mush anymore. I cleared my throat, and then broke the silence.

"So, why didn't you tell me you were engaged?" mom looked up, then smiled sheepishly.

"Well, sweetie I didn't know what to tell you. So I figured I would surprise you… he's a real nice guy and so is Ashton." Ashton glanced at me, and then gave my mother a weak smile. I shrugged, hiding my anger at her for doing this.

"Well, I'm going to turn in. I had to get up early and that's not really my thing." I couldn't keep the edge out of my voice as I lied. My mother looked slightly hurt as I walked over and kissed her cheek. Walking down the hall, it wasn't long till I heard steps following me. Turning, I was surprised to see Ashton, instead of my mother. He quickly caught up to me with his long stride.

"That wasn't very nice, kitten." I narrowed my eyes.

"What makes you say that? I didn't say anything about you…" I squeaked (I know so manly, but what's a gay boy to do?) as he pushed me against the wall, his hands on either side of my head.

"Now, you know what I meant." He leaned closer.

"Um… Wh-what were we talking about again?" my mind was completely blank as amusement filled his green eyes. His leg pressed the inside of my thigh, our faces scant inches apart. It took me one breath to realize what was going on. I scrambled away, breathing heavily.

"What the hell? What's wrong with you?" I said, crossing my arms across my shaking body. A lopsided grin appeared on Ashton's face.

"Nothing is wrong with me kitten. I was merely… pressing the question." He answered calmly, as if nothing was wrong. But it's not true, everything is wrong! Mom… she getting married and she didn't ask me first.

I turned, and then ran up the stairs towards my room.

"Hey. Kit… Jeffery!" I didn't look back at him as he called after me. I closed the door a little harsher then I meant to, but collapsed on the bed just the same. I covered my head with my old pillow, taking deep breaths. When did this go so wrong? Why does this happen? The questions bounced around my head like bees in a jar. You can see the freedom, but have no way out. Little did I know I was going to be trapped into a much more dangerous jar.


The next morning, after a fitful night of sleep, I shuffled down the stairs towards the smell of bacon. Mondays, UGH. They are my least favorite day. Twelve years of waking to an alarm for another day in a hellish institution set in deep.

Mom was standing by the stove when I walked in, humming an old tune while a black haired tall guy was looking through cupboards.

"Mom… whose that?" he looked vaguely familiar. He glanced at me, bright green eyes amused. He glanced at mom, who was giggling.

"Not really a morning person is he?" she shook her head. Meanwhile, I stood there, confused. Shaking my head, I tried to move past him to the refrigerator. But of course, only I would be uncoordinated enough to trip. The strange, if not very hot, guy caught me. He pulled me up, and I finally remembered. Ack, I thought he was hot, again.

I glanced at my step-brother, mumbling my thanks. He smiled politely, but it was entirely fake. Running a hand through my hair, I searched for the carton of milk. Successfully pulling it out, I turned to bump right in Ashton. Pain laced my nose as it made contact with a stone hard chest. (Why hadn't I noticed this the other time I had fallen on him?) I stepped back, holding my nose, groaning, (whimpering, actually) when an arm reached around my waist. I stiffened, looking up to Ashton, whose eyes were filled with something that closely resembled concern.

"Are you alright, Jeffery?" he asked quietly, as if not to alert my mother. (Me moaning in the morning, or in general, was not unusual. Tells you how coordinated I am, doesn't it) I was very aware of his aware of his arm still wrapped around my waist. I nodded, blushing, and continued to the cabinets to hunt for cereal.

The rest of the morning consisted of breakfast, a very quiet event. Mother and Robert planned their day, and Ashton and I were staying at the house, (our own request). Ashton sat quietly across from me, eating the bacon and egg scrumble my mother had made. I poked at my cereal, not really hungry after my second bowl.

Standing, I walked to the sink and poured out my bowl. Watching as the yellow mush and milk circled down the drain, only to be shredded as I turned on the garbage disposal. Turning, I trudged upstairs, down the hall, and into my cramped bedroom. The bed was shoved against a dark blue wall, covered in a black sheet and a coverlet that matched the walls. It currently was not made.

I glanced around the rest of the messy room. A desk next to the window, looking out into the backyard. A sagging bookcase desperately holding a million books or so. And lastly, a wall board with many pictures of my life. Every picture that showed something significant in my life was on this board. I stepped over there first, glancing at the pictures, remembering. It was like a timeline, my first time at the zoo, my first medal, ect. I picked one off the board, holding it fondly. My father had died shortly after I was born, killed by terrorists mom said.

"That your dad?" I jumped as Ashton leaned over my shoulder. I wobbled unsteadily, but managed to stay upright.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" There goes my mouth again, that going to get me in troub…too late. Ashton's green eyes flashed dangerously.

"You know, I'm getting fucking tired of this bratty attitude of yours. I have been nothing but nice to you, even saved your ass several times. So…" he raised he eyebrows. I was stunned for a moment, then realized he was right. I was the one with the shitty attitude. It wasn't his fault that his dad was going to marry my mom.

"So, since I have this bratty brother of mine, I suppose I should punish him." I raised my eyes quickly to meet his amused expression. "W-wh-what?!" I stuttered. Ashton grinned, leaning in to whisper. "I get you later." I blushed as his hot breath brushed against my ear. I stood for at least a minute before I realized he had left. Cursing under my breath, I pinned the picture of Dad back up and headed downstairs to say goodbye to Mom.

I sat on the couch, watching as Ashton flipped through channels. I watched as the screen changed methodically. 1. 2. Switch. 1. 2. Switch.

"Wait, go back, what was that?" he switched back a channel. It was the news that had caught my attention.

"A mass murder has struck once again. This time killing the senator of a small country in New Zealand." My heart nearly stopped, and I sucked in a breath. What if they had gotten mom when she was there? My breath quickened.

"Jeffery? Jeffery, stop!" a hand grasped my shoulder, shaking me. I didn't stop, I didn't know why. I just lost it. I was vaguely aware someone was holding me. But I barely noticed. I lost in images of red blood, dark rooms, and screaming.

I could feel myself shaking, and I was extremely hot.

I opened my eyes, feeling groggy. The room spun as I tried to sit up, and I fell back onto my bed with a groan.

"A little early to be moving about, don't you think? Panic attacks aren't easy on the body you know." I lifted my head enough to see Ashton leaning against the door. My head fell back against the pillow with a soft thump and I closed my eyes.

"Panic attack?" I heard him walk across the room. The bed beneath me shifted and I made more room for him to sit down.

"Yes we were watching the news and you suddenly started to hyperventilate. I carried you here to your room. Who's The Archangel?" I opened my eyes. The room was so bright; I had to shield my eyes. The name sounded so familiar but I couldn't place it.

Lost in thought, I didn't see Ashton move but I heard the springs creak. I looked up into his bright green eyes. He looked quizzically down at me, waiting for a response. I shook my head, I didn't know the name. He sighed, then turned and strode toward the door.

"Wait, Ashton…" he turned to look at me, I looked down. "Thank you, for taking care of me, I really appreciate it." He nodded and strode out the door.


It was dark when I woke again. Huh, I don't remember falling asleep. But then again, who does? I sat up, and when the room stayed still, standing seemed like the next best step. Haha, get it? Yeah, my "morning" humor sucks. I made way to the stairs, then the bathroom.

After a quick shower, I hunted around the house. Ashton seemed to have disappeared, I shrugged. I made my way to the kitchen, realizing I had missed lunch. Glancing at the clock told me I had been out of it for at least 4 hours. Mother would also be home soon… my thoughts skidded to a stop as a floorboard creaked behind me. I spun, fist raised, only to have Ashton catch it with a smirk. Why is he always smirking, or frowning now that I think about it…

"Now, is that any way to treat your sweet older who brought dinner?" the scent of Chinese food made my stomach growl in response. I grinned at the older boy, the epitome of a saint he is. He rolled his eyes and replied with, "Your mom is going to be later than they thought."

I glanced up at him, noting how he only said, "your mother" with no mention of his own father. Ashton walked over the counter, setting the bag down. I lunged for the box of sweet and sour rice chicken. I didn't even see his hand move, but I stopped moving.


"You need these first." Was his only reply and he handed me a couple of asprin.

"What do I need these for?"

"Just take them ok? I don't know how much you might have hurt yourself when… well from earlier." I think that was the longest sentence I have ever heard from him… I shrugged and grabbed the glass of water he handed me.

"Ack. Ew."

"You're not supposed to let them touch your tongue, kitten." I glared at his statement. Looks like the kitten nickname stuck with him.

"Don't call me that." His brow quirked. I ignored him as I reached again for the box. A box and a half of rice later, I was lounged upon the couch again. Flipping through the channels I finally decided on the discovery channel. Nothing like Planet Earth to keep you occupied.

Just when the lions were pouncing on the heard of gazelle, Ashton walked in. He glanced at the TV, then at me, and shrugged. Confused I followed him out, only to bump into his (broad, muscled, droo—no stop! God that's getting out of hand…), back.

"Ashton? What's up?" he glanced back at me, his eyes clearly saying shut up. He pointed above us. I looked up, and then I heard the telltale sound of the creaky floorboards. My eyes narrowed and I headed, silently, back into the living room. I pulled out the only gun we owned, an old 9mm. I turned and crouched behind the couch.

I worried briefly about Ashton when I heard someone crashing on the floor above me. I jumped up and bounded up the stairs. The stair's hallway faced directly into my bedroom, and I could see a dark figure standing over someone else. Seeing that the man wasn't moving, I guessed he was unconscious.

"Ashton. You ok?"

"Fine." was the only reply. I lowered the gun, not even realizing I had raised it. as I entered the room, the man groaned. In the faint light I swear I saw Ashton grinning, and not in a good way. The man sat up, then glanced at Ashton.

"I found you, bloody ass."

Confusion was quickly replaced by surprise as I heard the front door downstairs click.

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