Good Intentions

Death sparkles in blood-red eyes

In fiery depths and haunted skies

The expanse of space an early grave

The good intentions hell to pave

With creeping shadows and bony hands

Long dead trees and deserted strands

A stealthy subtle stench of decay

Winding and invading through the day

And quick to jump and slow to stumble

Slowly, slowly do they fumble

Jumble all the lives and deaths in one

And one by one and three by three

Do they fall and fall

Until only left is the lonely

Only tolling of the bell

For death has claimed these lands through pestilence and bills

And no-one left to blame for all these ills

It was built on good intentions

On those honourable mentions

And all the people thought to save

It was those good intentions

Those honourable mentions,

That sent them, sent them all to the grave.

A lesson to be learnt here

A lesson here I do fear

Remember it's the good intentions

That will end us all.

By Starfire17

Written 21/5/08