The Secret Recipe of Life

The stars blink and wink in a faceless sky

A thousand eyes watching in silence

As a half full moon emerges

Highlighting a stray cat upon a picket fence

And the wind whispers secrets with no voice

An endless gossip with no substance or meaning

As the chill of the night pervades

A wordless plea of endless keening

Together they join with the life that they love

Light waves and sound preparing to twine

Cautious and careful, two become one

Till one joins the many and all become mine

For what do the stars and the wind join to make

Awareness, emotion, the keystones of life

Add in some dirt for a bit of the body

And a hint of blood fire for mischief and strife

A cry breaks the darkness

Once all is done and the magic is gone

As the starlight is shrouded and singing wind fades

And all that is left is a stork flying to dawn.

By Stafire17

Written 2009