Elven Lady

An elven lady dances in a moss filled forest

Dappled with moonlight, hidden by shadow

And the stars they twinkle like the eyes of friends

In a sea of strangers

Her hair billows behind her like a midnight cape

And only the tops of her pointed ears show

She sings as she dances through the forest

A mysterious and haunting tune

The ferns reach out to embrace her

The trees welcome her with a rustle of leaves

And she smiles with gladness

When she sees the full moon.

As she listens

She hears the howl of the wolf from nearby

She calls back

And together their voices combine

A siren song of nature and myth

It's mysterious spell woven through engulfing the sky

They sing till dawn for all those who listen

Then the spell is broken

The elven lady walks into the shadow's embrace

The ferns watch the shadows with envy

For no sunlight can touch the fair eleven lady's skin

And so the fates have spoken.

The forest feels the loss of her presence

And so they mourn.

The first rays of sun

Fall upon the trees

And they gladden

For they know that in the morning a new myth is born.

By Starfire17

Written 2004