Boy, I wish the dumb bell would just ring. Thirty minutes! The lesson is stupid and boring. The teacher is monotones and drowned out in the dampening silence of the full classroom. My eyes glaze over and I put my head down on the desk.

Then, a security guard from the office calls my name and comes into the room to pick up my stuff. I follow him out of the hushed room embarrassed.

"What did I do?" I ask. Things like this always happen as soon as I put my head down.

"You'll find out, little miss," he replies. As we round the corner into the office, I am surprised to see my whole family—Mom, Dad, Gramma and Granpa, and all of my cousins—turned away from me. As soon as I walk in, they all turn to look at me.

"Uhh…Hi guys…" I am nervous for some reason.

"Congratulations! You're so fantastic! We love you so much, Mina! We're so proud of you! Great job!" The wall of silence is broken in a torrent of instantaneous remarks. They all jump for me at once and I find myself in the middle of a giant family group-hug.

"Thanks guys, but what did I even do?" I push my little cousin, Toby, off of my leg and try to get some space.

"Let's have ice cream!" Toby shouts.

"Yeah, ice cream!" His call echoes like a war call throughout my extended family. In one swift motion, I'm swept out the door and into the school's courtyard. The flood of bodies pushes me into the family car, and somehow I'm buckled in without remembering buckling myself.

The car is a bustle of chatter, but nobody is talking to me. This is odd. I turn to my cousin, Shay, but she's talking on the phone. I turn the other way to Ezra, but he's prodding at the back of Caitlyn's head. I guess it takes a while to think when you're dazed because we're already at the ice cream parlor.

Another wave of children and we're inside, picking out flavors. Toby's face is smashed up on the glass of the display case and Freya is choking on a spoon (a daily occurrence with her). I decide on plain chocolate and remember to ask myself why I'm getting ice cream in the first place. The clerk hands me the waffle cone, and I start to lick the ice cream. Mom comes up beside me and musses my hair.

"I'm so proud of you, baby girl" She gives me a hug.

"But Mom… I don't know what I did!"

"Well, you—"

I am tapped on the back and someone yanks at my hair. The bell rings and I saunter out of the classroom with a droll mark on my workbook.