By Bocaj Anaidni

I am not a bullshitter.

Listen to me,

You need not be so bitter.

You live, you die,

You don't get to do it again.

So, for your sake,

Enjoy the life you're in.

You're right about one thing:

Life is full of things that suck.

But that's not all, I tell you!

There is also joy, which you must not pass up.

I know not

What torment you've gone through.

But I do know we all suffer,

I've felt pain too.

Pain is a part of life

That you can't avoid.

But if you persevere,

You'll find there is also joy.

You're probably yelling,

"Don't tell me how to live my life!"

But I will not lie,

It pains me to see your strife.

You really have no right

To live the way you do.

It also hurts the people

Who have to be around you.

So please,

Listen to me.

Let go of your pain,

Learn how good life can be.