What is it?

That hurts?

The most?

Is it that paper cut you get

when you get too excited

about whats on the last page?


When youve got that paper cut

And you then get in the shower

And the shampoo finds it?

What is it?

Is it that instant

When the water runs down

Your face

And you smell Tea Tree oils

And your eyes start to burn

As the conditioner floods

Into them?


When your getting out

The car

And you smack your head on the roof?

What is it?

Is it when you get up

From the dinner table

And hit your leg

Of the corner of the table?


Is it the next day

When someone pokes you

In that exact spot

As though they knew?

What is it?

Is it emotional hurt?

Is it when the one you love

Leaves you

For someone they promised

They would never look at again?

Or is it when you see them

Holding hands

In your favourite spot

Listning to

Your favourite song?

And you think

I hate you.


Is it

When someone in your family

Goes away

And you know they'll come back

But you dont know when?

Or is it when they return

With a glowing tan

And no present for you?

With the old excuse

'There was nothing you would've liked' ?

What is it?

Is it the shock of misjudging

That last step

And the horror

As your foot falls through the air?


Is it

when you fall on your face

and your daddy looks up

And mumbles

'That was clever' ?

What is it?

That hurts?

The most?

I know

What it is.

We've all done it

The thing that hurts the most


When you bang your shin on

Some unknown furniture

In your quest to find a glass

Of water

In the dark.