Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home
I walked with a skip in my step into my new, beautiful room. Bubbly blue walls made my smile widen, sexy red carpet tickled my bare toes, curtained white windows showed a beautiful garden - dotted around with various flowers - and my huge dome ceiling held a chandelier that twinkled and created dancing shadows over the walls.

The feeling of being a rich kid, showered with gifts didn't sit right with
me. I wasn't used to it. Sighing, I walked over to my wooden desk, turning the lamp on to
discourage the ensuing darkness and switched on my new blue dell laptop, my
favorite color! The loading bar stared me in the face and I whilst I waited,
I took to tracing the lines of wood on my desk, recoiling when my fingers
touched not a soft surface, but a chewed one. There were two marks, gouged into the desk, resembling a pair of teeth. I shook my head in the universal sign of 'no', thinking that it couldn't possibly be, I slowly reassured myself.

I whirled around when the door opened, revealing Brighton. His tight
shirt hugged his stomach revealing his 6 pack. His sea blue eyes
glowed mischievously. I look at his black hair, messily layered,
that hung below his ears. His freckles were splattered recklessly
around his nose.

"Go away." I demanded. He has no right to come in my room, it's MY

He just walked around, completely ignoring me.

"Brighton!" I whined. He looked at me for a second, before rolling
his eyes and walking towards the T.V.

"Don't you dare turn that on!", I shouted, cheeks turning red with
anger. He dismissed my shout. He had turned on the TV, and was flicking
through the channels. I quickly pressed the off button on my keyboard and
shouting a battle cry, tackled him to the ground, reaching for the remote.

"Give it!" I yelled at him whilst feebly hitting him.

My attack did nothing as he shrugged my kicks and slaps away. It was
absolutely impossible to retrieve the remote, so I gave up and sat
up, head resting against the couch. He laughed.
"Are you going to keep ignoring me or are you going to talk? You
haven't talked since we left!" He froze, his cheeks turning red. "What is
it?" I asked in an inquiring voice.

"Nothing", he finally choked out, eyes looking everywhere but at me.

"What was that?" I asked, cupping my hand around my ear and leaning

"Nothing" He said in his almost-normal voice. I started to laugh.

"Your voice cracked!" I kept on laughing. "My wittle boy is growing

"Shut up!" He yelled at me, brows knitting together.

When I started to calm down, I said, "Don't talk if you want me to
be quiet." He glared at me. I turned back to the TV.

With my head resting sleepily against his, we silently watched the TV
together, our breathing even. The sound of my phones ringtone ruined
the quiet, peaceful calm that had been created. Glancing at caller ID, a
smile spread across my face. Triston. I looked over to my left and my
smile grew even wider at the sight of Brighton sleeping peacefully and
thankfully, silently. He looked so young and void of worries. One single strand
of hair hung down his forehead and my fingers itched to push it behind his

I was brought out of my clouded, sinful reverie at the sound of my
ringtone annoying the heck out of me. Oh, Triston! I answered on
the tenth ring. Oops.

"I miss you." I squealed into the phone.

"Miss you too, girly." Tristy said.

We met on the first day of Kindergarten and we were dressed in the
same blue dress, wrapped with a bright, red bow. Since then, we've been
inseparable. Even now, we stayed in contact.

"How are you?"

"Great. I just got back from my date. It was-"


"Um... Yeah. Did I forget to tell you? I'm dating Bobbie Nickelson."

"The Bobbie Nickelson? The major popular football, lacrosse and
baseball player? The same Bobbie Nickelson who's Dad owns the restaurant that
everyone wants to eat at?!" I asked my eyes wide and shocked.


"Great. The second I leave, you get this instant popularity. What,
was I holding you back?"

"No. And you could've been popular if you wanted to! You were
perfect, the guys thought you were hot, but you didn't take the opportunity. I,
on the other hand, did."

"But that's- wait. The guys thought I was hot?"

"Yes. Of course! Brighton actually- Oh! I have to go, my Mum's
calling me!"

"No! I wanted to know about Brighton?!" She already hung up. I
pressed the end button and put the phone down. I turned back to his warm body and
goose bumps ran over my skin as he sleepily wrapped his arm around my waist. I
sighed and moved closer, snuggling into him. With my head on his shoulder, I fell

I woke up from the brightness of the sun and had to shield my eyes
against the torture. "Who opened the curtains?" I said, throat raspy. Brighton
chuckled. Wishing imminent death on him, I groaned and stretched my
aching muscles from sleeping against the couch. Never again! My bones
cracked as I heaved myself up, turning on my laptop and signing into e-mail. I
had one e-mail in my inbox from my friend, Derek.

Hey Sandy! How's it like in Minnesota? It's boring here in Virginia
without you. I want to hear all the details about your new life!
Must be incredibly exciting. By the way, the next time you talk to Tristy,
tell her to shut up about Bobbie! She goes on, and on, and on. It's driving me i
insane. I bet only you could get her to shut up. Plus, guess what? Happy news!
I'm going out with Alice! You said I never would but I did! Asked her
out and she said "Yes". Remember to tell Tristy!
Live long and prosper

I laughed at Derek's signature. He's a big Trekkie fan.

"What?" Brighton walked over, hovering over me.

He was breathing on my neck, smelling like chamomile, my favorite
scent. He always smells like that... not that I smell him a lot or anything.

I turned around to answer him but my words stuck in my throat. He
was so close! The sun was shining on his glistening black hair and his blue
eyes darkened fractionally.

I jumped guiltily as my Godmother, Lydia shouted us for breakfast.
Breathing heavily like I had run a marathon and heart beating
rapidly, I followed Brighton down the stairs.

I want to thank Jacqueline E. She did an amazing job editing.
Without her, this story would suck. Thanks again!

And I hope you like the first chapter! It'll get WAY more interesting in either the next chapter, or the chapter after that! I promise!