Chapter 4: In the dark of the night

"Why?" He asked.

"Brighton. I-I left-"

"Come with me." He pulled me to a door behind the stand. He opened it, leading me to this mansion thing. He pulled me into a closet at the far side of the room.

"Hey! Hey! What're you doing?!" I yelled. He ignored me as he shut the door. He dialled in numbers on buttons that suddenly appeared and whispered something I couldn't make out.

White surrounded me, little bubbles filled the air, and I felt like I was moving at a million miles per hour...l

Did we just teleport?


I stumbled onto the ground, only to be yanked up by Zach.

"Is that him?" He pointed to the hoops. Where Brighton was surrounded by girls. Anger washed over me in waves and my hand clenched into a fist. I had the sudden desire to destroy them. Oh, man! Am I jealo- No! I will not go there.

"Yes." I said before I thought anything else stupid.I started to walk over to them, but Zach pulled me back. "What is your problem? Let me go!" I yelled at him angrily. He didn't even turn to me. He just kept on looking at the girls and anger rose in me even more. Now, I really wanted to destroy them.

"They're Dawts." I waited for him to go on, but he didn't.

"And?" I tried to walk forward, but he pulled me back again.

"What?!" I turned to look at him, and for the first time since I'd known him, he looked very serious. He actually looked kind of...cute.

"They're sirens", he spoke so quietly I had to lean forward.

"Sirens aren't so bad, so let's go!" I tried to walk and failed, again. This is really starting to annoy me.

"They're worse. Much, much worse. They may look harmless but they're not, definitely not" I looked up at him, shock clear on my face.

"You'll have a painful death with them." When he said this, his eyes looked rather glassy, as if they were fighting tears. I was about to comfort him, but when I glanced at Brighton with the Dawts so close to him, I gave up.

"What do we do?" The anger came again. Zach cleared his throat, shaking his head.

"One sec." He moved at like 3 million miles per hour. It seems like one half of the second he got Brighton, and the other half he got me and we were deep into the forest. Growling was in the background. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by the Dawts.

I noticed one, she looked familiar. I stumbled as I realised who it was. Ms. Kwong! Bile rose in my throat. First their eyes were yellow, then orange, and then suddenly they were bright red. They grew tall, their bodies going yellow, and mouldy.

Their nails grew extremely long, too long for a human and looked like they could scratch a human to death. That's how bad they were. There is only one word to describe them as they distorted themselves – hideous.

They took one step forward, and I shut my eyes tight. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. Then, I imagined them just falling to the ground, dead and I never felt a touch from them.

"Are you sure that was her?" I heard Brighton whisper. He's probably pacing and scratching his head but my eyes were still closed and I had no way of telling.

"It has to be. Nothing else could make those things die in an instant." I could tell Zach was shaking his head.

"You know, those things were kind of hot." I then opened my eyes and scoffed.

"Of course you would think that when we're about to die." They ran over to me.

"Are you ok?" concern marring their features "Do you feel faint?" Do you need water?" They pestered and I batted their hands away.

"I don't feel like answering questions. But I want to ask one. Did I…?" Zach nodded, looking at the dead Dawts. 'Wow.' I mouthed and I suddenly felt so tired.

I got up off the bed and looked at my surroundings.

"Where am I?" I looked around the room. The walls were covered in wood and the floorboards creaked as I stepped over them. The place was nightmarish and made me shudder in fright. I could imagine this being the setting in my nightmare. How could I have slept so soundly here?

"Eiroy's house" a voice behind me answered my whispered question.

"Who?" That name sounded really weird to my ears. I heard him sigh in exasperation.

"A Streptic. A very brave Streptic."

"A what?"

"Short, gray aliens" I nodded; I had to admit, I was very proud of myself. I was taking this very well.

"Where is he?"

"Dead" I turned and looked at him. I was afraid to ask my next question, but I asked it anyways.


"You ask too many questions." He shook his head. "He was taken away by a Trigon." Before I could ask, he added. "Aliens. Bad aliens" I nodded dumbly.

"He was my closest friend, he helped me through my first millennia. And-"

"Millennia?!" I interrupted. He so doesn't seem cute anymore. He looked at me. "Yes. And he's been gone for several years." Oh.

"Sorry." He shook his head.

"It's ok. It's not your fault." He looked at the door. "You want breakfast?"

I looked at the beautiful scene around us; pine trees, evergreens and maples so tall and so green surrounded the enclosure. A small clean creek in the distance with animals dancing around it, looking for water was my outside scene. I took a deep breath.

My eyes started to close, but I forced them open. They put up a good fight, but I won in the end. My body felt like it needed a nice, warm blanket and pillow but I wasn't ready for that yet.

The sun was setting behind the nearby mountains. The animals quieted down, the crickets appeared, playing their dear familiar music. The birds chirped goodnight as they took their last flight for the day.

"I'm going to go to sleep." I waved my hand in the air, leaving the front porch. I wasn't really going to sleep; instead I was planning on sorting out my thoughts whilst looking blindly at the ceiling.

"Now?" Brighton turned around in the chair. I sighed.

"Yes. I'm very tired. And don't you dare wake me." I turned around and glared. I hurried up the stairs. Finally. I'm free to think! Zach talked to me all day about what I am.

'You're a Mitle. You're not the only one in the universe, but you're the only one on earth. And you seem to have the strongest scent I've ever smelt, so I'm guessing that you're the strongest. And Skandro will want your powers. He does that by eating your heart.' Eat my heart? I don't want to die! I flopped onto the bed.

God, I hope this is all just a bad dream, I really do.

A sudden clap of thunder disrupted my thoughts. Rain poured down my window . I hadn't even noticed the weather change. I quickly ran up and closed the window. Unfortunately, a puddle already formed.

Oh well. I walked back to my bed, closing my eyes. I could see the brightness from the lightning, filling my closed eyes with light and suddenly, I was asleep.

I was outside with Brighton, the rain falling in a shower of unrelenting water around us. He was holding a crimson umbrella, shielding us from being soaked. The umbrella shook as he started to laugh uncontrollably from something stupid I said. I just stood there; face red with embarrassment and feet awkwardly scuffing on the ground.

The sound of a thunder clap came and scared me so much that I grabbed onto Brighton's arm. I sniffed in his scent as he held me with his other arm. I mentally slapped myself; this scene was way too romantic. What with the rain falling around us and both of us holding on to each other, to an outsider it looked too cosy for a friendship.

Then right in front of my eyes, he disappeared into thin air. I was no longer holding him, but my hand was clutched tightly around the umbrella. I anxiously looked around; trying to find him but the rain obscured my view. The rain started to come down harder, blurring my vision.

Lightning flashed in front of me, making me jump back at the sudden sound. Then, my vision started to fade. Everything turned pitch black and I could no longer see anything. I suddenly became cold under my cosy, furry jacket. Lightning struck again, lighting up the sky and in the distance, I could see a human figure before it turned black again.

"Hello?" I called out warily, fear colouring my tone. No answer, just unbearable silence. Another flash of lightning and I could see the figure had gotten closer to me. I could tell it was male from the shape of his body and with a few more flashes of lightning; I could make out his features. He was an African American, had a buzz cut... and with a shock, I noticed he had only one eye.

A Cyclops? I think I had seen too many movies and my overactive imagination was playing up again. More lightning came and he got closer and closer, though I wasn't able to move an inch, I was frozen in my place.

He soon was in front of me; everything was forgotten except for the horrid face in front of me, mutated and not normal. It was no longer the guy I saw before, but a monster. A monster that looked very familiar.

I woke up to the sound of glass shattering onto the floor. I got up with a gasp. There it was. The creature. A Trigon, My mind warned. Oh crap. Rain poured in, making an annoyingly loud pitter-patter. The monster roared, sounding like a million church bells, though, not as friendly.

Where is Brighton?! It grabbed my arm, yanking me towards the window. That's when Zach and Brighton finally decided to show up.

"Whoa!" Zach yelled. Brighton just stood there, wide eyed. The monster quickly started pulling me out the window. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I mean, come on! It's the freaking fourth floor!

I was greeted by the glasses shards digging under my skin and the sight of the boys running towards me. Too late. Before we hit the ground, this spiral of purple and black and green opened up beneath us and we fell into it. A portal... A portal?

Thanks Jackie! And sorry so late! :) Hope you like it!