You're the Hibiscus in My Hand

Sana Noor

So vibrant and full of life

I watch you fly away

Towards the sky so bright

You are so different but yet so close

To those that belong to the same bush

So close to being set free

The wind picks up

And I feel your agitation and excitement

You want to fly, you want to leave

Finally you break off

The wind taking you

To a destination unknown

I watch as you wander round and round

And see those wings invisible to the rest

Sadly its over, you come and rest at my feet

I pick you up and dust those petals

Ever so carefully

I'm afraid it might hurt

So delicate, so frail

I see the colour draining ever so slowly

Your petals slowly wilting away

How is it that you were so full of life a second ago?

Now you lay here breathing those last breaths

And I know every second counts

But you've done it all

And seen it all

Even from where you were

So take one last breath

And peacefully end it all

You're the hibiscus in my hand.