Dimitri bent his head lower over his drink, letting his long dark hair fall like a curtain over his face. He shouldn't have come here. Bad enough Holly was angry, now Rylan and Leo would be as well because he spent the night at a bar. They would be even more furious if they found out which bar.

He sighed and downed his drink, signaling the bartender for another. The man leaned over as he set the drink down, short blue hair falling into his slanted eyes. The multicolored scales that showed on his arms and neck that marked him as part naga flashed every time he moved and Dimitri found himself entranced with the colors for a moment.

He shook it off in time to hear, "-over there."

Dimitri followed the pointed finger to a giant bear of a man. He was descended from a bear or dog phooka or something else furry no doubt and raised one beefy hand when he glanced over.

Dimitri sighed. He always seemed to attract those types. Well, maybe a change of pace would do him good. He accepted the drink and when the man came over, one drink turned to two, then three, then half a dozen and a dance.

As he was trying to remember why he had accepted the first drink and a too large hand was drifting lower from its already barely acceptable place on his back, he caught sight of a burst of color.

He blinked, trying to clear his blurring eyesight.

It was hair- heavily streaked, none of it natural. Blue, green, turquoise, black, even metallic silver… All of it flashed as the man it was attached to danced.

Dimitri blinked again and tried to focus. The boy was incredibly good looking from this distance, all long, slender limbs and graceful movements. He was dancing either with no one in particular or with the five or so people around him.

Dimitri extracted himself from the large man without a word. The man was too drunk to care much and Dimitri was replaced quickly by a young man even more drunk than the first.

Dimitri was tipsy enough to be able to approach the multi-colored young man, sliding his hands along his hips and pulling him closer. The boy glanced back, looking up at Dimitri and smiling, revealing black eyes. He leaned against Dimitri, winding his arms around the tall fae's neck and writhing against him, keeping up with the frantic pace of the music.

Dimitri shut his eyes and lost himself in the pounding bass and the feel of a supple body moving against his.

A/N: New story, woot woot. Anyways, this story is inspired by Catseye*Rose's Nothing to Lose and the first two chapters bear more than a passing resemblance to that story. It branches out a crazy amount after that though and I got permission from her anyways. XP Check her story out and review please!