Pulse; walk to the pulls of the bass on my heartstrings

Make sure each step I take's a slight bounce and subtle twist of the hips

I'm not myself; I'm someone else-pretend I can forget the rules for just one night

A couple hours on the floor

Transformation with the excuse of alcohol


At the bar: an asymmetric lean

Back facing the guys with their shiny cards and trays of shots

Flicker a glance, and then comb my hair down to block them off:

Count to three


Knock back whatever they offer, remember to cringe

Ask a variation of "what the hell is this!"

Each round of drinks, a string of names

A target for the night by the fifth

Dance, flirting with each other through the music through the lyrics through the beat

Through our bodies

I move; he watches, he smiles

He moves; I watch, and hold my breath


Hands on my waist

Fringe in the eyes

Smirk to the expression

Face in my neck

I'm someone else, there are no rules


Every night

On the dance floor

Almost face to face

A lowered side glance

I give in

We give in

Make a story for the night

Create feelings for the moment

There are no rules

Only lies.