Hello every manga writer of fictionpress,

We are writing you to invite you to a new group that is formed with the purpose of acknowledging and promoting stories in the Manga Section of Fiction Press. The group, Manga Author's Guild (MAG), is a community of manga authors that gather together to present written works for a monthly/bi-annual/annual event. The event is an awards presentation. Simply put, stories are submitted and out of the submission judged nominations are found for the Guild to vote on. The stories are voted on by the members of the Guild, so it is acknowledged by the authors and for the authors.

Benefits of being part of the Guild means that you have the chance that your story can earn awards and acknowledgment from your peers. The invitation extended to you only request one thing from you; that you will be able to provide your vote when the time comes to vote on the nominated stories. Beyond that, all members of the Guild are encouraged to submit their own stories to award categories for the nomination process. You will not be asked for anything more, but if you wish provide your services to the judging process your assistance will be welcomed.

The hope is that through this your own works will be promoted granting your stories activity.

If you wish to join the Guild the links below will present you with the information about the awards and the Guild. If you accept the invitation please favorite the Guild Fiction Press account as confirming your joining. You will be on our favorite author list back by the MAG account as confirmation of your acceptance. The awards site is also available for your sign up as a member, but it is not required to be part of the Guild, simply favoriting the Fiction Press account will be enough.

Thank You,

Manga Author's Guild Awards Committee

A/N: This is Rayne s. Wolf everyone, I just quickly thought this was the best idea to send out the message to the new award site, instead of PMing every single person on here. If you need any more information, please look at the profile and website link. Once Eytha-sama and I have everything finalized, I will post an update on the website and here. For those who already got this letter, thank you so much for adding our guild to your favorites. We hope to get more people to sign up and get their stories ready to be entering into the award guild. Please PM us, review this for any questions as well and we can kindly answer you the best way we can. Thanks again.