Hey everyone, Rayne here reporting, this is the last post for the manga award invite, just a reminder to everyone who has entered the submissions to our award guild- the last day of the submissions is the sixteenth of this month. So please PM me, Eytha, our fictionpress account or go to our website to submit your stories if you wish to enter.

If you are to submit your stories, tell us your fictionpress name, the story you wish to enter, and what category you want it into. You can have multiple submissions and you must also send us the links to it.

Please also look into the profile on here and the website. We thank you deeply for helping us and making the first round a success.

Hey everyone, This is the time where the voting begins for the manga awards. So please either PM Eytha or myself- or go can go on the website that is posted on our profile. I hope you guys vote and the finalists are on our fictionpress profile as well. See you soon

Yours truly, Rayne the writer (ex. Rayne s. wolf)