She looked at the building in front of her, remembering what happened last week. She got a phone call from her best friend Akira, saying she signed her up for a job since she can no longer go to college. She thanked her vigorously for her help. She really needed a job.

'If only I knew it'd be this kind of job.' She thought. She took a deep breath and sighed and continued her way to the building.

'Why the hell did they accept me anyway ?' She questioned.

She received an acceptance letter from the company a while ago.

In the message, it was written that she will become the manager of an actor in Bright Star agency.

She sighed again, she always knew that Akira loves everything about acting and singing. However, she never thought it will reach this stage.

At that thought, she heard the secretary tell her that the president wants to meet her.

She entered the office silently and took a glance around her. Studying everything around her is a habit that she can't forego. As always, she started examing the office as well. On the left side of the room, she noticed a big photo of the man sitting in front of her right now, and under it, there were a lot of prizes 'maybe won when he was an actor?' she thought.

Suddenly she heard coughing " .. I see you took a liking to my office. " He said.

She smiled a little, "No, sorry! It's just an old habit, I always study what's around me."

Her attention then moved to the man. He was about 50, but he looked much younger, silver hair that must have been pure black when he was young, blue eyes that reflect the kindness of the ocean and a wide forehead that reflects his wisdom. His eyes had a glint of passion that is rarely found in people his age.

He seemed to be studying her as well, though. She wondered what he was searching for looking at her with that straight face. She was totally normal, short brown hair, green eyes, 170 cm tall, a bit muscular for a girl but that's it.

'Maybe her clothes are not to his liking,' she thought.

She did not care what to wear as she does not think she will really be accepted in the job anyway. Therefore, she was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a black hat to cover her dishevelled hair.

She waited patiently for him to start the conversation, but he seemed fascinated by her.

"Why did you accept my application ?" She said abruptly.

"You didn't want to get accepted?" He wondered.

"It's not like that, but my expertise is very far from this job." She answered.

He smiled " Well, that's why you were chosen. You have something ordinary managers don't have, your experience at college."

"What experience do you mean, sir ?"

"You were in the police academy for 2 years, right? This means you can block people from the celebrity you will be assigned to, and that is what that man really needs right now, you think you can do it? "

"If you mean keeping the fans away that's something easy for me, sir, it's the same as maintaining an accident scene and we were trained to do that at the academy, sir. "

"you keep saying 'sir' ... You are not in the academy. Try changing that habit. "

"But can I ask something, aren't all the managers able to do this? "

"No, not with this one, even ordinary managers have a limit, that's why I chose your application, I want to see if you can handle this one. "

"I think I can," she said. ' What the hell am I doing?' She thought, "I know I need money, but why do I agree to this so easily.'

" I think it might be a challenge even for you, though." He commented.

She felt her competitive side kick-in as she answered, " I don't believe protecting a single person will ever be a hard job for me."

"Okay then, I sent for your actor to come and meet you. He will be here within exactly 2 minutes, he is never late, so he will be here on-time."

While talking, they heard the door open.

"Ah! There you are, always on time, here is your actor Nishina-san. "

She turned around to take a look, and she was totally surprised as she saw the person in front of her.