Chapter 23

Yumi stared at the house for a couple of sec then she dragged Akira towards the cars, praying it`s nothing serious. However her senses were telling her it`s something really serious, and the wailing and the screaming were assisting to it.

"What happened here officer?" she asked once she reached an officer outside the house. He was obviously stationed there to prevent anyone from entering.

"I am afraid I am not allowed to speak about it yet"

Akira jumped into the conversation her mind already in turmoil. "Our friend lives here, please at least tell us if she is fine."

The officer looked tempted to help, but his orders said he can`t say anything and so he stayed quiet.

Yumi raised an eyebrow before sighting and, taking the scene of the house or whatever she could see from it, in consideration. From outside the house looked normal, but after further inspection with her eyes, she noticed a broken window on the 2nd floor ,and her stomach crumbled when she realized that it is the window that leads to Hana`s room.

The door of the house was opened and Yumi`s heart stopped when she saw Hana`s sister coming out. Someone was being carried on a stretcher next to her. The problem was not the stretcher, it was the fact that there was a piece of cloth covering the face of whoever was on it and that could only mean one thing. That person is dead...

Akira couldn`t help the shock on her face as she recalled the fact that only Hana and her sister lived in that house, and that could only mean that the person on the stretcher... Was Hana ...

Before she could even fathom the thought Yumi was out of her sight. She passed the officer so quickly for him to react and went straight to Hana`s sister Ritsu.

"Ritsu, Tell me that`s not Hana" she said

Tomoya continued listening to Yumi`s story, His face getting paler as he started realizing the strings attaching him to this story. he couldn`t believe how fate could be so cruel, he of all the people is listening to how Hana died ... He was a bastard to her. He was the bastard who broke her sister`s heart and drove her to try suicide, even if she failed in the end.

Takuya didn`t Notice whatever was happening inside Tomoya`s mind as he took on the retelling of the story from when he met Yumi for the first time, outside Hana`s house.

Takuya was the officer in charge of the investigation and once he saw Yumi passing the officer outside he went to her quickly to get her out.

The only response Ritsu gave to Yumi`s question was more crying, but that was enough Yumi could only gap her mind couldn`t believe it... Hana .. was dead... she`d just seen the girl in the morning, she felt her legs tremble and her knees unable to carry her weight. She almost collapsed when Takuya who was original there to ask her to get out helped her on her feet.

"Easy there." was all he could say before motioning for an officer to get him a chair and some water.

During this hole event Akira was stuck outside because the officer after letting Yumi slip by was not ready for someone else to get passed him, that of course till she noticed Takuya.

"OI, Takuya-san" She called

Takuya recognized the voiced and looking over he recognized Akira his mentor`s daughter, He excused himself for a second while Yumi took her time to rest and went to Akira.

"Akira-san, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"You see The girl over there is my friend and the victim is like a little sister to her, Takuya-san Can you let me pass? I swear this is really a shock to all of us."

Takuya nodded at the officer to let Akira pass and she quickly went over to Yumi.

"Yumi, " She tried to get her friend`s attention but her eyes looked glazed like she was not there.

"YUMI!" She raised her voice and her friend looked at her but still she didn`t look exactly aware of everything happening around her.

Yumi Looked defeated. Akira'd never seen the girl like that before, once again, she wished she knew more about the relationship between the two girls. Yumi never told her anything but whatever they`d been through together, it made them really close otherwise Yumi wouldn`t have reacted like that.


Author note: Ok I am facing a little issue writing these days, I have a very good idea on how I want this story to end, and the events I want to write. I just can`t seem to write this the way I want. I wrote this part almost three time and I still don`t feel ok with it.