(A/N): This is sort of a free-writing thing with a theme in mind – which is why it's so awful. Don't expect to see any proper form as far as poetry goes. I'm more of a narrative writer, but I enjoy vague stories and rhymes. To put it into perspective, this is the sort of thing that I would normally expand to write a fully fleshed novel about, except that this is all there is going to be…if that makes sense. And it actually took me longer to write this than you'd think. Heh

Nine Little Girls

an odd poem for the dark-minded

Verse One

Nine little girls stand in line

Innocent and naïve,

Wide eyed, never fearing,

They want to see the world.

A wall wraps around them and their little town

protecting them from horrors in the dark woods

unseen, un-believed.

The dark woods outside, where MoNstErs creep.

Their safe and homely comforts

No longer please.

Adventure, romance, destruction,

Even death appeals.

Mothers warn, fathers guard

But happiness has fled without the walls

The grass is greener

Nothing else will do.

Why do little girls always leave?

What is there beyond the wall that they must see?

They won't listen.

They have been warned.

Wolves will get them.


But you cannot tell them that.

Verse Two

Flora, tall and bold

Flees in the night

Thinking herself to be mature

But she is only a child

Her father's cage collapses

She takes the hand of the man she trusts

Feeling love, feeling safe.

He has made her the promise.

Down the road, they stop

Beneath a tree in the darkened woods

They make love

Like adults.

She makes herself woman.

They move along.

The firelight shines through the tress

And they come upon a camp.

She wants to flee but he makes her approach.

There are people there. Strange, dirty people.

He puts her hand

Into the hand of another man.

The gold speaks louder than anything she could say.

She has been sold.


The trusted one flees.

Salty water caresses her face

She looks into a leering grin.

Flora ran away from home.

She has a new one now.

Verse Three

Dreary day, bored and wet

Eva left along the road.

Looking for a stone to kick

A bridge to burn

A bubble to burst.

Met a traveler,

A satchel on his back

Weighty and massive

Just her size.

She likes his hat;

He looks at her.

He smiles,

And she offers to help him

Bear his load.

Two backs are better than one.

He's burying a dead calf,

And they go into the woods.

A grave is dug,

Just her size.

Near the hole, the bag slips

Out flops an arm,

like hers.

It waves at her, lifeless,

Bloody fingers limp.

She looks at the pilgrim

Feeling cold.

He peers at her

from beneath his hat that she liked so much.

Now the grave is meant for two.

Verse Four

Annabelle, in her sleep

Wandered into the night

She was following a fairy

Who promised to take her home.

She is a princess you see.

Toward the castle she wanders

For her prince is waiting there.

He will shower her with riches

He will shower her with kisses.

Onward down the path,

her feet move.

Tracing a glowing light behind closed eyes

She reaches the ravine.

Just a little further,

Faith will move her forward.

Calm breath exits

As her soles leave the ground.

The castle is not beneath her, but she is headed there,

Sleeping soundly

Dreaming, she falls.

She will never wake up.

Verse Five

Poor little Rhea

She should have been a boy.

Only child

Carrying wood for her father.

She couldn't be what he'd wanted at birth.

Tough as nails,

Strong as an ox

Feeling a rush,

She goes out to face the world.

She can handle whatever it throws at her

And throw it right back.

The sun fades, and still she walks,

Feeling fearless.

She could tackle a bear.

The MoNstErs in the woods had best stay hidden.

Near the road sign,

A gang calls out with taunts.

Slurring, weaving, they want to talk

To a pretty little girl

Who is not boy.

She could run

She should run

But it's not in her to flee.

She turns to face them, to take them on.

They advance, chuckling with confidence that matches her own.

Rhea is not as strong as she thinks.

Verse Six

Sara is a curious girl

Likes to try new things.

Grandma is sick in bed

and only the herbs can soothe her.

Picking to fill her basket,

She spots something new

Near the tree its leaves shimmer.

It smells good

It must be safe.

Just one leaf.

Munch munch munch

The world changes color

Shapes began to slide

The rules melt away.

The girl lives no longer in the world of her guardians.

She wanders down the road

The colors dance, the leaves giggle

A woodland sprite sees her

He wants to dance

So they dance.

Whirling round and round

Dizzy sun

Dizzy moon

She will be a queen.

Lost in the friendly woods,

She bends to the ground

As she vomits her insides out

near the edge of the woods.

Her basket is soiled,

The safe herbs ruined.

Someone else will have to care for grandma.

Verse Seven

There is a pond in the trees,

Where Abby likes to swim.

She swims in the sunlight.

She glistens and spins

A tease for the one who watches her from the trees

Hiding in the shadows, not showing his face.

Abby likes the water, but stays shallow

She fears the depth.

Over her shoulder, she looks back.

He is still there.

The husband of another, he is forbidden to look.

But the nymph is pleased.

She smiles and turns to her carelessness.

Something glistens in the water,

Glistens like her.

She needs to grasp it

It may be a jewel.

With her toes she reaches,

But the prize slips further away.

She reaches again, but

It eludes her grasp.

The treasure leads her away,

She slips further out to reach it

Until she cannot breathe.

No one comes to help;

The shadow slinks away.

She is in over her head

and she realizes she cannot swim.

Verse Eight

Vera Vera Vera Vee

She's as crazy as can Be

She sees dwarves who steal her Shoes

Blue cats cross the fence Posts

Little boys treat her mean

Giggle and laugh behind her back

A nasty trick

Seals her fate.

a loud noise in the night

sends her from her bed

out into the night she goes

and the sky is lit with flashing lights

the booming thunder urges her on

further than anyone thought

past the wall and into the woods

they cannot call her back

she only hears them yelling.

She runs and runs

Winded, she takes refuge beneath a tall tree

The heavens begin to cry,

Her eyes rise.

The lights in the sky are maddening

Until one hits her, hard

She doesn't feel a thing.

They'd warned her of the woods,

But not of the trees.

Verse Nine

Ellen believes in ghosts

She chases them at night.

To love a man who is dead

Cold in the earth without warm arms

A tragedy.

To the graveyard she goes,

In the dark when no one is watching.

To talk to the dead.

No one understands

How she cannot let him go.

The war took him,

But she promised.

I will never look at another.

Kneeling in the soil,

Dirtying her gown

She whispers her troubles, her fears

To her beloved ghost.

The night slips on, and the moon glares.

The trees whisper harshly behind her back,

Judging her.

It is time to leave.

They will be getting suspicious.

She is not supposed to be out here alone.

She backs away slowly, remembering her promise

She will never look at another

And so her eyes stay on him

On his headstone.

She did not see that open grave

Until they found her in it the next day.

Now she is with her love.

Verse Ten

One Little Girl left all alone

Sally, world weary,

crushed from the inside out,

without ever stepping outside the wall.

She believes without seeing.

She knows the truth and the stories.

She knows what happened to the others.

The MoNstErs got them, and their screams are dead to the woods.

Now, she will never go outside.

She does not want to venture from home.


Church mouse

Good little girl.

Because of fear, she has been destroyed as well.

But at least she breathes.