Chapter Five: Paradise Is Nowhere

"Ye have sixty six days 'to live before the black spot consumes you." The old man grinned as he sunk back into the shadows.

At that moment, my heart burst out of my chest. All time stopped. My blood stopped pumping through my veins. It felt as if I was cold, lifeless.

Sixty-six days until this damn black spot swallowed me whole.

I believed the old man, too. Why else would it be growing and burning into my flesh? Besides, who else would help me? Right then, I realized that I was all alone in this cruel bitter world. No one else was there for me, and I don't even remember who was before I lost all of my memories. All I knew was that my name is Caroline Spades, a famous pirate who is wanted by everyone else living on this god damned world. And I only have sixty six days to live before this black spot engulfs me.

But I wouldn't let it bring me down. I had to get out of this cage and escape. I could not just sit in this pit of hell and rot. I could not just dwell on the curse of my black spot.

I could not just give up on life.

I needed to run, find my life, and take a firm hold of it this time. I would not let it slip away again. Then, once I knew who the hell I am, I am going after this Davy Jones and lifting the curse.

If I can.

I turned my head towards the corner where the old man sat. The only part I could see of him was his pale, cracked feet that protruded from the depths of the darkness. I leaned forward a little, tilting my head, "Old man?"

Nothing. All I could hear was the chilling wind sweep outside, overpowering the footsteps and the distant yells of the soldiers. The old man stirred in the corner of the cell, but I still couldn't see him.

"Old man?" I repeated. That's when I heard the first cannon shot.

It blasted somewhere into the prison. All of the walls shook, tiny fragments of rocks falling everywhere. Outside, the soldiers began screaming, but the townspeople's shrieks were blood curdling. Small children cried out for their mothers, and the men began shouting. Chaos, panic and disorder.

The old man cackled, "Ah, the Pandora has come upon us!"

"Pandora?" I repeated. "What the hell is that? A ship?"

The old man stood up and walked out of the darkness towards me. God, he was so short. I could poke him and he would fall over. "Yes, 'tis a ship. One of the most feared of the seven seas since those nasty pirates kill anyone, even other pirates."

"Oh, well that's terrific," I said, frowning as I stood up.

"So, Spades, how are ye gonna escape? The pirates will be invading town soon, I know it." He smiled wickedly at me.

I narrowed my eyes, "Is this some sort of game to you?"

He nodded, "Why, yes it 'tis! I know that me days are done, but ye, Caroline, have a long life ahead."

I snorted, "Yeah, right. Only sixty six days."

Another cannon ball blasted into the town. And another. And another. The whole ground shook from not only the mighty strength of the cannon, but from the corpses dropping outside.

That's when the old man spoke again. "Well, if ye kill Davy Jones then the curse 'tis lifted."

I snapped my head towards him, "Kill Davy Jones?" He nodded. I turned back around, "Oh, well that will not be difficult. He is only the most feared and dangerous pirate in the world." I commented sarcastically.

"Good! Ye are very confident!" The old man exclaimed.

I guess he did not know what sarcasm was. The fool.

Another cannon ball blasted into the building. I toppled to the ground along with the old man from the sheer force of it. More fragments fell from the wall and ceiling, a veil of dust cloaking us. Shards of rock were scattered across the ground, and a few jagged ones had cut into my flesh. Small specs of blood spotted my arms and legs, just like the old man.

"Dammit!" I shouted, standing back up. Desperately, I scanned the whole entire cell for anything to help me escape. The old man just sat there, watching me with amusement. Creepy old man.

The soldiers that once guarded the old man and I were gone; probably off to help fight the pirates. Good. That meant that no one watched me while I attempted to escape.

Outside of my cell was a long hallway that led to a staircase. At the end of the hallway, engraved into the walls, and luckily my sword, gun and sheath was waiting for me on them. The dimwitted soldiers must have underestimated me. The only thing in-between me and my weapons was this locked cell, which wouldn't be locked for long.

Suddenly, a huge rock crashed right next to me. My eyes rushed to the ceiling. The cannon balls' force was so powerful it caused fragments to fall. That's when the idea popped into my head.

"What 're ye gonna do wit' that?" The old man questioned as I snatched up the huge rock and ambled over to the lock.

"Watch," I replied. I raised the huge rock above my head and smashed it into the lock. A huge dent was engraved into it. I smirked. These cells were so weak that even a rock could bust the lock.

"Ah, a terrific idea!"

Pirates. I could hear them as they invaded Port Ruby. They began swearing, cursing at the British soldiers. Cries pierced the air, and so did the slash of swords as they sliced into the townspeople. Heat shrouded the prison cell from the fire being thrown onto other buildings, and from the warm blood that soaked the streets.

"Hurry up!" The old man cried.

Ignoring his comment, I raised the huge rock above my head once again. I smacked it into the lock, and it finally broke. Freedom.

I rushed out of the cell door, the old man trailing right behind me. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, pumping throughout my entire body. I was ready for anything, except another cannon ball blasting into the prison and shaking the whole entire damn thing again. I slammed against one of the stone walls, nearly collapsing.

"'re ye okay?" The old man asked, extending a hand towards me.

I pushed his hand away "I'm fine."

More shrieks filled the air. Gunshots. Cannon fire. Blood. Flames. Death.


I reached my weapons after I sprinted for them. The old man watched me again as I tucked my sheath into my belt. I tried to ignore his dark, piercing stare, but it was nearly impossible. Those dark eyes kept on boring into my soul, and I could not help but to occasionally glance at him. After placing my gun into its holster, I began up the stairs with my blade in hand.

"Ye be careful out there, Spades." The old man warned me, grabbing a hold of my elbow.

"I will be fine." I twirled my sword in my hand, "They cannot even put a mark on me."

The old man smiled awkwardly, "I would have 'ta disagree wit' ye on that, Spades."

I narrowed my eyes, "And why would you?"

The old man casted his eyes onto the ground as he answered me. "The Pandora is full of not only the most feared pirates, but the strongest as well. Just, please, be careful."

Why did this man care so much for me? It is not like we have known each other for that long, and I do not believe that we would have met before I gained amnesia. My eyes gazed into his, and I saw a glimmer of something in them. Hope? Admiration? Anguish? I didn't know, but I did not have the time to dwell on that. Another cannon ball smashed into the prison, rattling the whole ground. But that was not why I did not have time to think. It was the pirate's screams as they filled up the prison on the floor above me. Their yells bounced off of the walls and into my ears, and the old man heard them as well. I could tell as fear struck his eyes, and his body trembled.

"They're upon us," the old man whispered.

"And now I am upon them." I smirked, sliding my finger down the blade of my sword.

Shadows danced across the stairwell that twisted up towards the main grounds, where Death was lingering. I could smell it. The pirates and soldiers were clashing, and soon I would clash with them as well.

"I never caught your name," I told the old man, turning my head towards him.

He replied, "'Tis not important. Now, let us venture upstairs so we can face the pirates."

I couldn't help but to smile at the old man's courage. Even though his body was ridden with wrinkles, saggy skin and brittle bones, his heart still held the bravery of a lion. For once, I respected a man, unlike Timothy or Brogan.

"Let us get going then," I said, a confident grin spreading across my lips. Finally, after sitting in a dank cell all night, I could slice my sword and pursue my life.

I rushed up the stairs, the old man right behind me. As I continued upwards the spiraling stairwell, the smell of crimson blood reached my nostrils and soared up them. It was as if I was breaking into Hell, and yet my eyes did not even lie upon any of those Pandora pirates yet.

That was the moment when I knew that maybe I was not strong enough to handle all of them. The smell of the blood was so…malodorous that I could taste it in my mouth. I quickly glanced behind my shoulder at the old man. His eyes were stricken with fear, I could tell. It was that ominous twinkle in them. Hypnotized, I failed to notice that I reached the main grounds.

As soon as I twirled back around, I saw the true horror of the whole attack. The stone stairwell opened up to the pavilion, where a war was erupting. The corpses of soldiers were scattered across the drenched ground, the blood swimming down the cracks of the stones. The dirty pirates kept on attacking the few remaining soldiers however, slicing them down with their stained blades. Smoke drifted into the sky from the raging flames swallowing the houses and shops. There was so much smoke that it cloaked the fading moon, enveloping it with its shades of grey.


I heard the old man's cry. I shot my head back to the pavilion. Two pirates had their blades pointed right at me, ready to sink them into my flesh. Quickly, I pushed the old man up the stairs and told him to continue up. Just as he responded, my blade crashed with the one of the pirates. His eyes were wild, savage, insane. He snarled at me, muttering words which did not make any sense. Behind him came another pirate, sword raised above his head. I had to think quickly, otherwise I would be killed.

Pushing forward, I launched the pirate into the other one. Just as they regained their balance, I sliced my sword across one of their chests. He screamed out as his blood spilled down it, splattering onto the floor. The other pirate yelled at me, his face spotted with blood from not the one I slit, but the soldiers he's viciously slaughtered. I grimaced at him as he pushed his mate off and thrust his sword at me. Quickly, I dodged his blade and it banged into the side of the archway. Ferociously, he spun around and sliced his weapon only inches away from my face.

That's when he faltered.

He lost his balance, the dimwit. I swiftly plunged my blade into his back, the point of it barely protruding from his chest. He didn't even have a moment to cry out in sheer agony. His body crumpled, sword sliding from his hand as it clattered onto the ground. Biting my lip, I drew back my blade as he finally smashed on top of his dead mate.

"Spades! Hurry!"

I glanced behind me only to see the old man standing a few feet away on one of the steps.

Without saying a word, I twirled back around. The two of us dashed up the steps, me in front of the old man. Obviously, he was exhausted. His hot steamy breath kept on hitting my back. A raw stench came from upon it, and I wanted to very badly turn around and smack him. But I did not have the time.

Another pirate flew down the stairs, our blades crashing into each other's.

"Oh my, well if it isn't Caroline Spades," the revolting pirate spat as we struggled for power.

Who the hell didn't know me? I swear, every person I encountered said that, and it pisses me off every, single, goddamn time.

"Oh my, well if it isn't a dead pirate," I mocked, grinning as I smashed my foot into his shin. He winced. He lost his power in our struggle, so I took full advantage.

I drew back my sword and sliced him across the arm. For once, the pirate did not scream out. Instead, he simply ignored the pain, and he regained his grip on his blade.

The blow was utterly unexpected. He slashed me across the stomach, but not that deep. I cringed. The blood flowed out, drenching my white shirt. How splendid.

That's when the fool began to get cocky. He yelled at how foolish I was and then tried to drill his sword into my chest. Quickly, I blocked his attack with my blade. My eyes darted over to the old man, who was huddled against the stone wall in pure terror. Then, I noticed the dancing shadow on the wall.

Another pirate emerged from the shadows, his sword by his side and ready to slice the old man's head clean off.

Somehow, I saved the old man's life.

The pirate I was fighting with noticed my distraction and slammed me against the wall. Our blades bit into each other, his only mere inches away from my throat. He uttered some words, but I was not paying attention. Instead, I had my attention on how I was going to kill him.

I let his strength overpower me. I moved my head a few inches away, and both of our blades smacked into the stone wall. The tip of his barely scratched my throat. Just as he realized what was happening, I already whirled around him. My hand was still gripping the handle of my blade, which was tucked under his.

Before he could move, I drew back my sword from under his. My sword sliced him all the way across his chest, opening it up like an envelope. The blood cascaded down his chest as he crumbled to the ground, eyes dull and lifeless. He would die a slow, painful death.

I twisted back around towards the old man. The other pirate had his sword drawn behind his head, ready to cut the man in half. Instincts took over my body. I snatched my gun from its holster and shot him right in the forehead. Instantly, he fell to the ground along with his weapon.

Dead silence filled up the air. The old man was trembling, eyes gazing at the two corpses resting in front of us. I walked down towards him.

"We must continue up," I told him.

He simply nodded. I must have horrified him from killing four pirates in no more than three minutes.

Another cannon ball hit the prison as we rushed up the stairs. I smashed into the wall again, my sword scraping against it as well. Droplets of blood trickled down my blade, leaving a trail while the old man and I continued. He was completely quiet now, not one word escaping from his lips.

I was about to talk to him when the black spot burnt my flesh yet again. I stopped running, closing my eyes in vain as the flames shot through my entire body. I crumbled to the floor. My right hand was trembling violently, as was the rest of my body. The fire burned into my very soul, sending ripples of sheer pain through me. I could not hear the old man's word as he tried to speak to me. They were only murmurs, muffled murmurs. I snagged my right hand, pressing onto it with all of my might.

I wanted to rip off my hand. Just so the pain would end.

Suddenly, the old man's words reached my ears, "Spades, oh please! We must hurry; the pirates set the prison on fire!"

The pain slowly drifted away. It was as if it just slithered up to my hand and seeped out in segments. I didn't question why; only because of the raging flames crawling up the prison stairs. The heat clawed at my skin, instantly washing away the pain from the damned black spot. I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me, shaking my shoulders, was the old man. His eyes were wide, horror-stricken.

Immediately, I jumped to my feet.

"'re ye-"

"Yes, I'm fine. Let's get to the roof before we burn to death," I cut him off. I snagged my sword from the stairs and the two of us were off again, rushing up the stairs.

The smoke engulfed the oxygen in the air, leaving the old man and I with hardly anything to breathe in. Both of us coughed violently, the flames hissing as they slowly swallowed the prison. Smoke escaped from the stone walls from the fire eating them, and whenever I even grazed them it sent a shock of pain into my body.

It was utter chaos. And I didn't even see the half of it until I burst through the door onto the roof.

As soon as I did, all I heard were shrieks. That's all. Not the searing hot flames hissing. Not two swords clanging together. Not even the pirates' swearing.

Just horrid, terrified, chilling screams.

The old man and I ambled towards the ledge. The whole entire town and Port was set to flames. The fire roared, a colossal dragon slithering through the ruins of this old Port. Smoke escaped from deep within the dragon's throat, cloaking the entire town so it could not even take in one, single, desperate breath. Then, my eyes shot over towards the port as another cannon ball crashed into the burning town.

The Pandora was sitting in the water, almost camouflaged from the inky blackness of both the night and the water. The ship was a dark grey color, with a crimson red color that wrote its' name on the side of the ship. The sails flapped in the dying wind, and its jolly roger hung high in the sky, depicting some creature which I could not clearly see from atop the roof.

Pirates swarmed the town, like little parasites. They were everywhere, slowly conquering the town that had once stood valiantly upon this soil. But now, the soil was drenched with sin, blood and death. So many corpses were scattered across the ground, motionless and smoking. It was disgusting to even glance upon, and I had to look away. Even though the townspeople annoyed the hell out of me, none of them deserved this. None of them deserved to be viciously slaughtered and left to be swallowed in the belly of the flaming beast.

Except, of course, Commodore Brogan.

Oh, and that goddamn Captain.

But, besides them, none of them deserved this.

"Spades, when're we get 'ting down?" The old man questioned, knocking me out of my trance.

I looked over at him, and then back to the town. "I don't think that neither of us wishes to go down there."

He paused, "But the fire-"

"-we need to find safer ground," I told him. "I would rather not jump right into Hell, if you ask me." The old man stared back at the town for a few moments. I let the whole situation sink in for him as I turned around. I walked along the ledge, my eyes darting everywhere in a search for my grand escape. I guess the old man could tag along. It would be cruel just to leave him here after saving his ass more than once. Besides, I guess I owed him. He did tell me about the whole black spot ordeal.

As I finally reached the other side of the prison roof, I lazily looked over the edge yet again. That's where I found our escape.

"Hey, old man!" I yelled out, waving a hand in the air.

The man spun around. He could not see me for a few seconds, but once he did he reached me in a matter of a few seconds.

"What 'tis it?" He asked me.

"They placed the prison on the far edge of the town, away from everyone else," I explained, pointing to the ground, "This side is facing the forest. We can climb down and hide away in there. The pirates would not go into the forest, anyways. And there's no fire."

"My God, ye have saved us!" The old man exclaimed, nearly jumping for joy. Weird.

"Okay, okay I get it," I told him, annoyance hanging in my voice. "Now, all we have to do is find a way to get down."

"Caroline Spades, we've been looking for ye."

The voice sent chills down my spine. I twirled around, only to see one lone pirate standing a few feet away from me. In his hand was a gun, and it was pointed directly at me. The old man didn't say a word, shock rippling through his soul. We had thought that there was no one else on the roof besides us.

"We?" I asked, gripping my sword.

The pirate chuckled, "Yes, the whole entire Pandora crew. Especially the Captain."

Why is it that every goddamn person is after me?

"You have the wrong-"

"-I is not a fool, Spades." The pirate cut me off, taking a few steps towards me. I took one back to only step onto the ledge. The pirate cackled, "Where are ye gonna go, Spades?"

I narrowed my eyes. I did not have any idea of how to get out of this situation. He had the gun in his hand, and I only had a sword in mine. And I wasted my only bullet on that other pirate.

"Caroline…" The old man whispered, fear seeping in his words.

"I will go with you to your Captain," I told the pirate.

The pirate let out another hideous cackle, cocking his gun, "Oh, we did not want ye alive." He aimed at me, "We wanted ye dead."

Before I could react, the pirate pulled the trigger. The bullet plunged into my stomach, right where the open cut was. I screamed out, falling to my knees. The fire engulfed me. The smoke choked me. The darkness conquered me.

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