Hello! I'm back from a long hiatus of writing, but unfortunately I'm back with bad news. It was brought to my attention by a lovely reader that someone named Behind_Sapphire_Eyes has plagiarized my story and has been posting it on TeenInk . com and saying they wrote it. Obviously I'm very upset about this and have emailed admins requesting it to be taken down immediately. However, if you want to help me out, I'd appreciate it if you pretty much spam the "report abuse" button on this page. This is the link. /novels/sci_fi_fantasy/book/82941/Marked/?page=33 Thanks a bunch!

Unfortunately, this also means that I'll probably be taking Marked down from fictionpress soon. I don't want to, because I wrote it so people could read it, but I won't stand for people taking my writing, especially since I still would like to have Marked published. So thank you to everyone for being awesome and encouraging readers. I may post on fictionpress again in the future but I'm not sure. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Happy reading and writing!