Nervous didn't even begin to cover how Melanie felt as she got dressed the following night. She curled her hair and pinned the sides back so it wouldn't fall in her eyes; she'd painted her toenails. She couldn't stop the butterflies as she slipped into the white sundress and applied her makeup.

Jay was gone for the night, so she didn't have to worry about running into him downstairs. She loved her brother, with all of her heart, but she was glad that he wouldn't be there tonight.

At fifteen minutes to eight, she slipped on her shoes, grabbed her jacket, and went downstairs to wait for Trace.

She sat in the chair and picked up her book, hoping that it'd calm the butterflies in her stomach. When it didn't, she went into the kitchen and poured a glass of water. She didn't get the chance to drink any; seconds later, Trace knocked on the door.

"Hey," she smiled as she opened the door.

"Hi. You look…amazing."

"Thanks." She looked him over, "You clean up nice."

"Ah, thanks. I try my best." He flashed her his smile. The one that girls fell to pieces over. "We should get going,"

She nodded. She followed him to the car, where he opened her door and held her hand while she got inside. After shutting the door, he quickly walked around to the driver side and got in.

"So…where are we going?" she asked.

"Uh, I figured. First date, so…just dinner. Unless you already ate."

"Oh, um, no. I haven't."

"Great! What kind of food do you like?"

"I like…everything," Melanie let out a nervous laugh, "But, um, Mexican food."

"Mexican food it is." He replied, "So…no Jay tonight?"

"Oh, um, no. He's busy. Hey, um, Trace. About Jay…he's…super protective, and I'm seventeen, and you're his best friend, and…I don't…think we should tell him. About…this. Us."

"I don't…get it."

"I…dated a guy before. And he…well, he used to beat up on me. Jay found out and flipped out and almost killed the guy. Which is why he treats me like I'm about to break or something. I mean, he'd know that you would never do that to me but…I don't think he would be okay with me, you know, dating. And no way would he want his best friend dating his little sister."

"So…are you sure we should do this? If Jay would really be that mad about it…"

"I don't really give a flying fart in space about what makes Jay mad. Not about this. He can't control everything."

He let out a laugh, "Okay. I won't tell him. But if he asks, I'm not going to lie."

"I'm not asking you to."

"Okay. So Mexican food?"

Melanie smiled across the car at him and nodded.

After seeing about a million different apartments, Derek found one that he could see himself living in. His apartment hunting had run into our lunch plans, so we didn't get to meet until after I'd finished my classes for the day. At which point, he dragged me around the city showing me apartments that he'd seen.

He was cute, talking animatedly about all of the things he could do with his new place. The paint, the décor, the furniture. He was like a little kid at Christmas, playing with his new toy.

He pulled me into the kitchen, "And this is where I'll cook for you,"

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek, "Just cook for me?"

"Uh…it's the kitchen, babe. What else are we going to- ohh. Really?" he wrinkled his nose, "In the kitchen?"

I laughed, "Sure. Why not?"

He looked at me for a minute, "Since when did you get adventurous?"

"It's not really adventurous to have sex in your kitchen. Being adventurous would be me agreeing to have sex with you in the fitting room at Victoria's Secret."

"Uh, that wasn't all me. You had to know I'd at least try it when you decided to take me lingerie shopping with you. And I still think we should. It'd be fun. We could have sex in like, the most random places. Like that one time in the car in the hospital parking lot. That was hot."

I rolled my eyes, "When we go to New York."


I giggled at him, "Sure."

"Shit, Jo, do you have to say stuff like that?"

I sat on the counter and peered at him innocently, "What?"

"You just- ugh. You make me want you."

"There's nothing stopping you from having me, Derek." I whispered, hooking my fingers around his belt loops and pulling him close to me.

"We're in an empty apartment. That I haven't even signed a lease on yet."

"So?" I asked, kissing his bottom lip.

"Someone could walk in," he frowned.

"Wouldn't be the first time," I reminded him. My hands moved to the button on his pants, popping it open.

"It would be embarrassing,"

"Maybe," I unzipped his pants.

"I don't think-" his breath caught and made him stop talking as I slipped my hand into his boxers.

"You don't think what?" I purred, kissing him softly.

"Jo…" he sighed.

"Yeah?" I spoke again when he didn't reply, "Derek," I whispered, "Do you want me to stop?"

It was adorable how he couldn't even speak. His eyes closed, his mouth parted slightly. His breath caught each time I squeezed his hard member.

"Tell me what you want, baby," I whispered in his ear.


"What exactly do you want to do to me?"

"You know what,"

"Say it,"

Derek rarely ever cursed; not when he was mad, not when we were having sex, not when he was excited. So I was more than surprised when I heard what he said next. "I want to fuck you. Hard. Right here." His voice was thick and husky, almost like he'd just woken up. The only emotion in his eyes that I caught was that of pure lust. I didn't have time to see anything else.

His lips connected with mine, my pelvis connected with his through our jeans.

It was a quickie in every definition of the word. But it was a quickie that left me weak at the knees and almost begging for more.