The landscape was very alien to the sensibilities of an Earthbound individual. The trees, if you could call these bizarre creations trees, were mostly blue. Some were purple, and others orange. They were not made of wood, but of an almost flesh-like substance. They were twenty to one hundred feet tall, had no leaves, and grew branches that seemed to move under their own power, like the appendages of animals. Creatures that appeared to be furry snakes of varying colors climbed through the "foliage." Animals like six-legged mice ran from these "arboreal" predators. Four-winged green bats flew through a sky that was, because of some gases not present in the atmosphere of Earth, dark red. This dark red was reflected in the ocean, making it look like a sea of blood. Of course, who knew what color the blood of the animals on this planet was?

Sitting on the shore was the last thing anyone would expect to see in this surreal landscape: a human. This man looked to be about sixty, with a long, graying beard and hair which had once been all black. He wore a crudely constructed tunic made of the fleshy material of the trees. He rested his back against the rusted-out hull of what might have been the crashed spaceship in which he had landed who knew how many years ago. Printed along the side in fading letters was the name Celestial Truthseeker.

Scampering out of the woods came what looked like an Earth monkey in many respects. It had white fur, on most of its body, except on its head its fur was black. Growing out of the top of its head was what could only be described as dreadlocks. It had four yellow eyes, two of which were where a human's eyes would be, the other two below its mouth on its jaw. It had two tails, both of which appeared to be prehensile. One might think that this "monkey" was native to this planet, but on closer inspection one would realize that it was unlikely to be counted among the creatures of the planet in three noteworthy ways: First, this creature had four limbs while the others had six. Second, its coloring did not camouflage it in this terrain. And third, it had four eyes, unlike the other creatures.

The monkey, for lack of a better word, ran across the beach and jumped into the human's arms. "Good morning, Ras. How was your time in Weirdwood Forest?"

The alien monkey did not answer the question on account of being a non-sentient animal who did not understand English or, for that matter, any language, Earthling or otherwise.

"I had a bizarre dream last night, Ras. Would you like to hear of it?" The alien monkey's four eyes looked at him, and he imagined they displayed understanding. It was obvious he had pretended this alien animal could understand him, all he could do to keep his sanity for all these years of isolation from his species.

"Very well, then," the man said to Ras. "I shall tell it to you. There was another world. Not this one, but another. This was a completely different reality. In this reality, I was not the only member of my species. There were many more of us. We dominated this fictional reality, or at least thought we did.

"We built cities, places where many of us lived in a small area. We were all over the place, in this dream. I worked with others of my kind. It was with these others of my kind that the events of my dream start. One in particular, Jamie Jones, was very important to these events…"