I honestly don't know what's worse;

First off, your heart feels empty. Icy. Dead…
then you find that one special person… and she can make you warm
but only she can control the fire she has started.
without her, your own feelings burn your heart.
and you end up loving someone so much that it hurts…

So what is worse? Ice or fire?
either way, they are both beyond my control.

Perhaps it's good to get the exercise
of a rapid heartbeat, every time I see her…
maybe it will help strengthen the muscle…
or maybe it will wear it out.

Either way, it is beyond my control

What if my heart becomes addicted?
if things don't end well
or if they don't even work at all
will my heart be able to beat without you?
will I have any love left for anyone else…?

Either way, it's beyond my control

I think its time
I should let you know soon
exactly how I feel around you
how I feel when you are away
and then I should hope
no! I should pray…
that if things don't go well
you will grant a coup de grace

Because I don't want to live with no heart…

But I guess that's beyond my control