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She sat there, fidgeting with a Rubik's Cube, then she screeched in utter annoyance.

"Whoa, chill Alex. It's just a plastic cube.." Said the blue eyed, strawberry-blonde standing in front of her friend.

"Yeah! And a damn annoying one!" Alex screamed, throwing the plastic cube on the floor.

Natalie walked over and picked the cube up, then in seconds had solved it.

"How the hell did you do that?!" Alex asked, wide eyed, staring at her best friend.

Natalie shrugged, "I dunno.. My brain just told me what to do. Which way to turn the cube.." she mumbled, handing Alex the cube back.

Alex stared at the cube for a moment, then she started mixing it again.

"Y'know... Rubik's Cubes are pretty easy, once you know all the tricks.." Natalie mumbled, sitting down next to her friend.

Alex just mumbled something inaudible.

"Nat... are you ever going to tell him?.. Y'know.. About being a magician or whatever.." Alex said, looking over to her friend.

"Alchemist. And, I dunno... I just, want a normal life, with a normal relationship and all that.." Natalie replied, looking out the window into the distance.

"Nat, who ever said it wasn't gonna be normal if you told? I mean, you told me..Yeah, I was kinda shocked, but It's all good now right. I'm sure Alexandre would understand perfectly!, He's weird in his own way..very mysterious.. Maybe he has a huge secret himself." Alex went on.

Natalie sighed. "That's true.. He is quite mysterious.., and now that you mention it, I can't see his aura." the strawberry-blonde pondered.

After a few moments of silence, Alex hopped off the couch excitedly.

"OOH!" She said, then paused. "Alexandre told me he was planning to tell you something soon, Maybe he was gonna tell you his secret or something!" She finished, then sat back down.

"Yeah..maybe." Natalie said quietly.


Three Days Later. February 14th. Valentines Day.

The blue-eyed, short raven-haired man took Natalie's hand and locked eyes with her, and took a deep breath.

Natalie was almost four inches shorter then Alexandre, so she was looking up at him, her heart racing, as she pondered how to tell him, at that same time, Alexandre was thinking the same thing.

"Natalie, love. I gotta tell you something." He said, his deep velvet seductive voice blocking out any other sounds.

"So do I." Natalie said quietly, "But you go first." She smiled, as she took another deep breath.

Alexandre sighed, and took a deep breath also, then locked his arms around Natalie's waist.

"Alright...well..I'm a Sorcerer.." he said slowly, then magically a beautiful red rose appeared from nowhere into his left hand, he smiled and handed it to her.

Natalie smiled.

"I'm an Alchemist." she said softly, then clapping her hands together, a slight blue light flashed, then a sterling silver ring appeared in her hand.

"Unbelievable." Alexandre muttered.

"Got that right." Natalie added, smiling as she stood on her tip toes to briefly kiss Alexandre.