" what the hell are you talking about ? " said takahara myako a woman with a pale face and eyes full of tears

" you know well , what i`m talking about , seems like you are going out with some guy from your work ? " said takahara yukito a man in his mid thirties with a moustache and black hair

" what the hell ? , can you stop making a fuss over everything , this house is really turning to hell " said the woman with eyes full of tears " you know something , i`m tired of this life , i`m tired of always listening to someone who is full of mistakes himself , you are just trying to turn my life to hell every time you choose something to make a big problem over it "

" what do you think my friends who saw you 2 together said about that ? i`m not a man and my wife is walking and laughing with some other man like i`m an idiot "

" this is far more than enough , what about you mister " full of lies " ? , you said you will travel for sometime , then the next day when your daughter phoned you , you told her you didn`t travel you lied again and told me you are in London , where were you exactly ? , what am I supposed to believe from your words ? , always lies , lies full of lies , if you really think I cheat on you then what am I supposed to think you were doing these last 4 days ? , playing hockey with some friends " said the woman crying

" listen I did travel , I was just kidding with your son but he believed it so it`s not your problem and also I don`t think you cheat on me or anything okay , I know you won`t do something like that i`m talking about what the people thought when they saw you 2 together " said the man shouting

"oh really , then what about you ? the people you are working with all call you by name and you call them by name , you called that woman with you by her first name sakura am I right ? , what about your thoughts about what people might say when they see and here this ? , or you just think about yourself , all I did was taking a cup of coffee ith a co-worker , and we weren`t alone we had akira with us "

" whatever I tell you that`s wrong ? , I told you I don`t want you to work , but you still wanted to continue working , now I think it`s better you leave this work before I get more irritated from it " said the man

" this is enough " they both heard this words coming from the entrance of the room

They looked to see their daughter standing there , her eyes were full of tears she started talking while crying " i`m the one who is tired here , if you want my opinion on this you two just get divorced " they looked surprised by what there daughter said

" when I was a child I always though that you 2 shouldn`t get divorced but now I think it`s better you 2 divorce already , I`m tired of hearing new stories from you dad everyday just to make a trouble and start shouting ,i`m tired from seeing mum crying for no reason , the guy you are talking abouot is married too and I stayed with them a lot , all they do is talking about work and most of the time that guy excuse himself and stand watching the workers and give them advices , I visited mum a lot of times without any appointment and without telling her and I never saw her talking with him except on work "

" hey , just calm down , this problem is between mum and me , so you just stay at your room "

" i`m not a child anymore and I can`t just stay in my room while hearing a conversation like this ,and why now , mum has always worked with men before and you `ve never been bothered with it , this is just another way to turn our life to hell ,last week it was that I got bad marks in the exams , you made a big fuss on it like it`s the end of the world , and the week before it , it was that mum went to stay with grandma for some days , you didn`t believe that grandma was sick and you told her to come back and kept shouting like she did something bad by helping her mother , I can`t take this anymore dad , just get divorced and find someone else for yourself , i`ll take mum and live with grandma , this life is driving me crazy " said the girl while crying

" just calm down , hinata " said the mother

The man looked at them both while trying to understand what just happened. his daughter told him what he was doing all through this month and looking back at it , he was the one who is always making problems out of nothing , ' was he really turning there lives to hell ' , he started remembering more about what he was doing for years and he couldn`t remember anything good he made for his wife , most of the time , he is shouting at her and making problems with her without any reason ' once he realized what he was doing he felt his heart break down 'am I such a despicable person ' that was his thought

" if your mother want this too , I'm ready to do it " said the man while looking at his wife pale face

The woman looking at him " I agree, I think it`s time both of us have his freedom back "


After the divorcement

Hinata POV

I feel a little sad about the divorce , but I don`t feel as bad as I expected , I love both of them that`s why I told them to get divorced , I didn`t want to hate dad because of the way he treats mum , and also now I can see both of them anytime without hearing mum crying or seeing dad shouting

I sighed " maybe that`s for the best "

I looked at mum beside me , she looks well , even her face regain some of it`s colour , it`s like this hole marriage was killing her " i`m happy it all ended " I told mum

" don`t hate your dad , it`s all because of his mother , she was never a good woman , what she thought him was to never trust people that`s why he was always trying to find a way to tell himself that he musn`t trust us "

I smiled " I know mum and don`t worry , i`ll never hate dad " ' I have such an incredible mum '

Yukito POV

i looked at the world around me after the divorcement I felt empty , for the first time in my life I know what is the meaning of missing your family , I looked at the hospital in front of me 'don`t hesitate ' I told myself , I know that I need treatment right now , after seeing what kind of guy i`m and how I always think of people,I knew I needed treatment more than anyone

I know what happened will never be fixed but I can at least try to become a better man , a man whom my daughter will love , and my wife will respect even if we will go back to living together again , I can at least see my daughter from time to time and see her smiling face ' it has been I lot of time since I saw her smiling face '

I gathered my courage and entered the hospital to get what I need " i`m gonna become a better man " that what I thought


A year later at a restaurant near their old house

Takahara yukito was waiting for his ex-wife , her new husband and his daughter

Once he saw them coming he stood up and greeted them , they have been on good terms ever since he finished his treatment and talked to them 'looks like I really became a better man ' that was his thinking

" so I have some good news about myself wanna hear ? "

" say it dad " said his daughter while smiling ' dad has really become a very good man and now I feel like I have 2 dads and a very big happy family '

" okay , so I decided to marry again , I already tried to make myself better and I think I succeeded so do you think i`m capable of making a new happy family "

" I think so yukito , I think you will make a very good husband now "

He couldn`t believe what he just heard , his old wife has just said that he will make a good husband , after all he has done to her

" congratulation daddy " said hinata while giving her dad a very big hug and a kiss

" congratulation yukito-san " said his wife husband while shaking hands with him

The end

This hole story I made it in about 30 min I didn`t revise it , I was actually so tired from working all the day and I wanted something to refresh myself that`s when I got this idea