You had me hooked.

your words
were a hook.
and i got caught
swallowing them.
they snagged my lip,
and i was
dragged along
almost willingly.

your words were my drug.
i inhaled deeply
with every syllable
that fell off your tongue.
i kept my mirror handy,
ready for euphoria
each time
you opened your mouth.

your words were the wind,
a stream of fresh air
into my lungs.
oxygen revitalized
my feeble body
each time you exhaled
with sentences
on your breath.

i was an addict.
and i could never
get enough.
each word
left me longing
for more
and more
and more.

but your words
have settled
in my heart
for far too long.
they've begun to decay.
is a dead art.
it is time for revival.

i finally exhaled.
i checked into rehab.
i tore the hook out.
and though i was bleeding
i'm hoping this forced withdrawal,
this cutting cold turkey,
will leave me better
than ever before.