This is how it will be
When the world comes to an end

A surprise I had forgotten about

I feel like I've been
Waiting for this
For years

And baby,
I think we're in Kansas

The air is thick
With fright, anticipating
Hard in my lungs,
Constricting my chest
Heaving up and down
With every breath

Oh look
You blew up my world

The sky is burning
The sky is burning

I feel like putting on an old-fashioned dress, lifting my parasol and stepping outside, walking down the street where the wind is my soundtrack, and smiling at the world's strange antics.

Yes, the air, the sky, the city
Is orange.
Dust storm?

A/N: So this is what happens when there is a crazy dust storm crowding the air of Sydney city. Some things I randomly wrote down while I was up much too early in the morning.