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Chapter 1

A couple of weeks before I left Glendale for my new home, UCLA, Mimi and her best friend Nikki Dean decided it would be fun if they made it their mission to scare the crap out of me by feeding me misleading tales about college life.

Like I wasn't terrified enough already.

Sure, I was trying my best to hide my pre-university jitters from my friends because God knows that Cheryl would laugh me off the face of the earth if she knew that I was having nightmares about my new roommates being proverbial mean girls. But somehow, Mimi found out that, despite my reading up on any and everything I could find about the whole college experience, I had no idea what I was up against. And yes, that scared me.

Cue the 'Zabriana likes to know everything and be in control all the time' speech from my mother. Is being in control such a bad thing? Janet Jackson and I don't think so.

Of course, Mimi and Nikki just weren't helping with their 'advice'. Luckily, I knew enough to take Mimi's advice with a pinch of salt. Although she had graduated from high school, she decided not to go to university (not that anyone was surprised) and decided to do a course in Esthetics instead. She now worked at a doctor's practice and made good money and had, according to Scott, 'turned out alright'. That was true, but it still didn't give her the right to school me about college life like she had even been to college.

However, when Nikki started talking about how different university was, I started listening. She was a UCal student; she had to know what she was talking about, right? Unfortunately, what she had to say made my qualms even worse. Rowdy students, loud music in residential halls, crazy beer and drug infested parties- it was enough to make me wish I was back in middle school again, being called 'train wreck', thanks to my braces. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I was excited to be going to university, but I couldn't help being scared at what was in store for me, particularly in my residential hall.

That may have been the main reason I was flabbergasted when I finally stood outside my new room the day I moved in. The entire hallway on my floor was completely empty. Where were the drunken party animals racing up and down the halls with water guns? How come I couldn't hear any music whatsoever? Where the hell was everyone?

"I cannot believe I fell for Nikki's lies," I grumbled to myself, digging in my oversized handbag for my room key card while trying to balance the heavy box of books that I had carried from my Toyota Yaris on my hip. But it was too late and I groaned as it slipped through my grasping fingers, almost in slow motion, and landed with a loud 'THUMP!' on the tiled floor.

Almost immediately, the door of the room next to mine opened and a blonde head poked through, looking up and down the hallway. I instinctively took a step back, holding my bag up against my chest like some kind of shield and wondering what the hell was taking Scott so long. He'd only been a few minutes behind me and my suitcase wasn't that heavy!

I involuntarily kicked one of the books that had fallen out of the box against my door as I scrabbled for my key card with renewed vigor. Yes, I know I'm shy and I should be more outgoing, but I hate making small talk. Also, I didn't know what kind of person this blonde character was. He might be a creeper or something. It seemed to me that he'd been standing right by his door, waiting for a noise, any noise. That, to me, is creepy. Unfortunately, the small noise made him turn his face in my direction (up till that point, he apparently hadn't seen me) and I found myself looking into the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

"OMG, I thought I was going crazy! I knew I heard something," he squealed, wringing his hands together and jumping (yes, jumping) up and down as I stared. "Don't look at me like that! You'd be excited too if you were cooped up in your room- alone- the whole day and you're finally getting to talk to the first person you've seen on your floor since you moved in!"

I opened my mouth, unnerved by his enthusiasm, and managed to say, "Oh."

Classy, Zabriana. Real classy.

But it really didn't matter that I had no words for this situation, because he had enough for the both of us.

"Where are my manners?" The blonde pointed to himself. "My name is Leon. I'm a junior, but I party like a freshman! You have really good skin." He leaned in closer to peer at my forehead and I flinched slightly. Was this uncomfortable or what? "I can just tell we're gonna be great friends! But I'm babbling- what's your name, girlfriend?"

"I'm Zabriana. From Glendale. I- uh- love your hair."

Now you see how much I fail at small talk.

Even though I actually did love his hair. It was straight, sleek and looked like he flat ironed it to death. How long did it take for him to get it like that?

Leon giggled, punching my shoulder lightly. "Stop it, girlfriend! I love your hair! It's so thick! What hair product do you use?"

He walked around me, studying my hair from every angle as I stood there. This was entirely too surreal for words. Was this really happening? Was I really standing outside my dorm door, being checked out by a gay guy who wanted to know what hair product I used?

From the expectant way he tilted his head, I realized that he wanted an answer, so I said, "Luster's Pink Oil."

"Luster's Pink... is it good for flat ironing? It doesn't make hair dry, does it?" Without preamble, he reached his hand out and ran his fingers through my hair.

And that was the position Scott found us in as he strolled out of the elevator, lugging one of my suitcases behind him.

Took him long enough!

I shot Scott a 'get me out of here' look which he cheerfully avoided. Granted, Leon was harmless. I knew that much, all he wanted to do was exchange makeup and hair tips. But right now, all I wanted to do was get into my room and have a nice cup of relaxing tea. And the only way I would be getting into my room was if my unwary boyfriend saved me from the hair toucher. But you know Scott, he's as gorgeous as he is oblivious.

"Hun, I swear your car hates me! The fucking trunk wouldn't shut, you'd think it would just try after I sat on it. But hey, at least I know I'm not fat." He came to a stop, looked at Leon, who had dropped his hand from my hair and was ogling Scott shamelessly, and said, "So, what's going on? Can't get into your room?" He looked down at my feet and grinned. "And God, what happened here? How'd you drop the lightest box in the world?"

"It wasn't light," I grumbled, going back to digging in my bag for the key card now that Leon's attention was off me.

"Hello there, my name's Leon, but you can call me Lee." 'Lee' tittered as charmingly as he was able as I found my key and inserted it. The door clicked open and I breathed a sigh of relief. I'd been dreading a scene whereupon my door refused to open. Thankfully, this wasn't the case.

"I'm Scott. You can call me Scott. Not Scottie, not Scotsman. Just Scott," Scott replied affably. I turned around to pick up my books, just in time to see Leon blatantly checking Scott out.

"You're funny!" Leon bent over double with laughter as Scott made a face at me and mouthed "Alan?" while pointing down at Leon. I grinned. Alan did laugh like that. "Nice to meet you, Scott! Now, let me tell you a little about me. I'm a junior and I'm majoring in Theater!"

He did a little dance culminating in jazz hands as he said 'theater'. Scott snorted with laughter, chewing on his lip ring.

"Well, I'm a freshman and I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I can't do the jazz hands, though. I just can't."

Tapping the side of his nose, Leon said "Aerospace Engineering, huh? The looks, the bod and the brains! You know, you should join a frat."

"Yeah? You think?" Scott asked.

"Oh, yeah! Girls will be all over you the second you walk into your first class. And why not? You're gorgeous!" Shaking his head as he looked at Scott, Leon sighed. "Mmm, mmm, mmm!"

Lord have mercy, my boyfriend was being hit on. By another guy! The funny thing was that Scott didn't seem to notice that fruity Leon wanted a piece of his hot ass. Pulling me into a hug, he said "Those girls are out of luck, because I have a girlfriend."

The surprised look on Leon's face was priceless. Mouth and eyes opened wide, he stammered, "OMG, guys, I'm sooo sorry! Girlfriend, you know I'm sorry, right? If I even knew Scott was your man, I wouldn't have said a thing!"

I smiled at Leon. He was just- fun. "I know, Lee."

He waved a finger at me. "Uh-uh! Only hot guys call me Lee, girlfriend!"

Bemused, I stared at him, trying to keep a straight face as Scott whispered "Oh, snap, girlfriend," in my hair.

"But because you're a hot girl, you get to call me Leo," Leon continued, beaming at me with impossibly white teeth.

"It would prolly be safer if we both just called you Leon," Scott said firmly. "Dude, it was nice meeting you. Now, if you don't mind, I need to help get my girlfriend settled in."

As he said that, he yanked my suitcase into my room.

"It was nice meeting you guys too! Come over sometime! I'll make you microwaved pancakes!" Leon shouted after us, just as Scott pulled me into my room, box and all, and closed the door.

"I'd rather die than eat microwaved pancakes," he muttered dryly, stretching and yawning.

Giggling, I said, "He was kinda sweet, actually. Even though he was flirting with you."

I started looking around the room, knowing that Scott was racking his memory, trying to figure out how the hell Leon had flirted with him.

A bunk bed and a loft bed took up most of the space, but thanks to a large bay window, the room looked larger than it was. I sighed as I spotted two computer desks, one near the window and one right by the door. Obviously my new desk was the one under the loft bed. It looked like my roomies had already picked the bunk bed too, which meant I was stuck with the loft bed. Good thing I wasn't scared of heights.

"He did not flirt with me! Did he?" Scott pressed, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Course he did! Licking his lips and flipping his hair- classic example of flirting!"

"Well, like I told him, I'm out of bounds. I've already got a girlfriend. Girlfriend."

I squealed playfully as he pushed me gently down on the bottom bunk, climbed on top of me and started to kiss me hungrily, running his hands through my hair. He kissed and sucked on my bottom lip gently and I could feel him smile as I moaned softly, rubbing his back through his t-shirt.

"Scott..," I murmured as he kissed on my neck, purely in hickey mode.


"Did you lock my car?"

Random question, sure, but I had to be safe.

"Not really- God, stay still, hun. I'm trying to turn you on!"

And it was working, but what did he mean, not really?

"Scott," I exclaimed, pushing against his chest. "You didn't lock my car?"

He rolled off me and I sat up, fixing my messed up hair. The last thing I wanted was for my roommates to come in and call me out for making out on her bed. That wasn't the way to make a good first impression.

"I locked your car. I just didn't lock the trunk," Scott explained in a reasonable tone.

I glared at him. "Are you serious?"

"Well, I still have to bring up your other suitcase!" he said defensively. "Jeeze, okay, hun, I'm going. Yike."

"I just don't want any of my stuff to get stolen," I said, pulling the sheets on the bottom bunk straight. There. It didn't look like a girl and her boyfriend had just had a short but hot make out session on it.

"When you get back, we can continue where we left off," I said, smiling at him suggestively. He gave me an adorable grin in return.

"I'll hold you to it, hun. Okay. I'll be back in a couple. And I swear, this time I'll figure out how to lock that fucking trunk."

He stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him as I started putting my books on my adopted desk. I reached into my bag and brought out the large photo of me and my friends we had taken at the Taylor's end of summer party. Tina, Alan, Cheryl, Jason, Mimi, Harry, Scott, little Alex and Daniela and I were smiling up at the camera as we sat around the pool. It had been a perfect end to a perfect summer as we had reminisced over everyone and everything. The Brown triplets, who had started a lingerie line. Blanca, who had left school at the end of our sophomore year to pursue a career in modeling. Wayne, who was in jail for statutory rape. In his defense, he claimed he didn't know his girlfriend was only 15, but I guess the judge didn't believe him. saying goodbye to my friends had been easier than I expected.

"I'll be on Facebook and MSN all day, every day, so get at me," Cheryl had told me at the airport, right before she burst into tears.

Smiling to myself as I gazed at the picture, I barely even noticed the door open. But I did notice the loud, abrasive voices and smell the almost overpowering scent of perfume, and that's what made me turn around, my heart thumping with trepidation. Meet the roommates.

A tanned Hispanic girl stalked in first, her hair piled high atop her head and curling down to her shoulders. She was wearing a little red dress and was talking over her shoulder at someone else.

"Girl, are you still on that all-water diet?"


The second girl to walk in was a couple of shades lighter than me, with brown hair streaked with blonde. She was wearing hot pants and I watched as she kicked off her high heeled pumps.

"Girl, you better watch, you're gonna die from that shit."

Hot pants rolled her eyes. "It don't matter if I'm dyin' skinny." She spotted me and poked her friend in the back. "I told you I locked the door. Did you open the door?" she asked me.

I nodded, standing up and folding my arms nervously behind my back. "Yeah. I'm your new roommate. My name's Zabriana."

Hispanic girl laughed. "Zabriana? Your name is as ghetto as hell!" She snickered, throwing herself on her bed and closing her eyes. "What kind of a ghetto ass name is Zabriana?"

"My name is Rogue," hot pants said, shaking out her hair as she pointed to her friend. "She's Khandi. She's a bitch."

"Sweetie, I am the bitch, and don't you forget that," Khandi said lazily, examining her nails.

"You're parents musta had issues when they gave you that name," Rogue said carelessly, staring at me. Well, she was one to talk. Still, I thought I should make an effort to be nice, since I was going to be living with them for the next year. Scary thought.

"It's a combination of my parents' names. Sabrina and Brian," I explained to her. Khandi hooted with laughter while Rogue just rolled her eyes. I was going to find out that she did that a whole lot.

"Our parents must have gotten off the same damn boat. Yours had an evil sense of humor. Mine- X-men obsession."

"They named her after a superhero! Rogue kissed the boy and made him die," Khandi sang, holding a teddy bear against her wonderbra enhanced chest.

"Your parents couldn't even spell, so shut up," Rogue said, folding her arms over her chest and gazing down at Khandi, who giggled. They both turned to stare at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

"So, what are you, like a frosh?" Rogue asked.

I nodded. "I'm majoring in Neuroscience," I told her.

Khandi gave a slow, sarcastic hand clap. "Hip hip hooray, genius," she said. "Well, we're sophomores, and if you try to throw off our groove, we'll kick your little ass."

"She means I'll kick your little ass," Rogue amended as Khandi muttered "whatever."

"Is that your real hair?" Khandi asked bluntly.

"Uh..," I started, not totally sure what to say. Luckily, a huffing and puffing Scott arrived at that opportune moment, dragging my suitcase into the room.

"You owe me big time for this, hun. I had to climb up two flights of stairs with this- hi."

The 'hi' was directed at Rogue, who had turned at the sound of Scott's voice and was now undressing him with her eyes. I could see it. Jealousy flared as I watched her, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop her from peeling back Scott's clothes layer by layer...

"Hey," she said, placing her hands on her hips and leaning forward so that Scott could get a good look down her top. I hoped Scott averted his eyes before he was struck blind. Some things just weren't meant to be seen. "Who're you, hottie?"

"Scott Taylor," Scott replied. "I'm Zabri's boyfriend."

Khandi rolled off her bed, adjusting her dress as she stood up and walked towards Scott.

"Not for long, sweetie. If I know the UCLA girls like I think I do, you'll be snatched up this time next week," she cooed, squeezing his shoulder and winking at me over her shoulder. "Who knows, I might even be the one doing the snatching."

"Thanks for the heads up, but I'm good with the girl I got," Scott said, smiling at me over Khandi's head.

"Now you are," Khandi said bluntly. "When you see what our school has to offer- I can give you a tour."

Rogue snorted. "And she calls me a whore," she sniffed. "That's Khandi. I'm Rogue. Do not insult my name, or I'll kick your girlfriends little ass."

Why all the sudden interest in my ass? And it wasn't that little!

"Dope name, Rogue," Scott said, giving her a charming grin. "Hun, I'm just gonna grab my wallet from my room then we can go for lunch. I'm starved."

"Okay," I said weakly from my post near the loft bed.

"Nice meeting you, ladies," Scott said, backing slowly out of the door.

"You too, hot stuff," Khandi said, licking her lips lasciviously as Scott shut the door and (probably) took off running. Khandi turned to me, snapping her fingers. "Girlll, you didn't tell me you were down with the swirl!"

"What?" I asked slowly, feeling slow and stupid. Can you blame me?

My boyfriend had just been hit on twice within 30 minutes. Scott had been here since he arrived yesterday, God only knows how many girls (and gay guys) had flirted with him already. I wasn't feeling confident right now- I was scared.

"Khandi, you really need to stop hanging out on urbandictionary," Rogue said lazily, checking herself out in the full length mirror propped against the bathroom door. "Down with the swirl is when a black girl or guy is with a white girl or guy."

"I wouldn't have guessed that you liked yourself some vanilla," Khandi continued while I gaped at her.

When Scott and I were together, I didn't see color. The thought that people who saw us together might see things that way disgusted me. We weren't together because he was white and I was black, we were together because we loved each other and that, to me, was all that mattered.

Indignantly, I told Khandi the very same thing, starting to feel hostile towards her.

She just cackled. "Save it for Oprah, sweetie. All I can tell you is this- high school romances never last at UCLA. Sexy Scott will take you to dinner this first week. Next week he's going to blow you off for his boys. Soon you'll be blowing up his phone and he won't answer you. That's when you know you've lost him to a sorority sister. So enjoy him while it lasts."

I frowned at her, willing her to be wrong. Scott wouldn't do that to me, we had too much history together. And that mattered, right?

"Khandi, we need to go. Bambi's party starts soon and I know you don't wanna be late for Bambi's party," Rogue said, applying bright pink lip-gloss.

"Shit, I forgot," Khandi said, jiggling the top part of her dress into place. She turned to me. "Just a few ground rules. The bunk bed is mine and Rogue's. That's out of bounds to you. You get this wardrobe under the loft bed. Don't touch our stuff. If I have a guest over, you'll have to make arrangements to sleep elsewhere." She smirked at me. "That's all I can think of right now, but I will think of more things. Out."

With that speech, she swept out of the room without so much as a smile.

"Ugh, she's such a bitch. Have fun on your date," Rogue drawled, sauntering out after Khandi and slamming the door.

Feeling drained, I sank down to the floor and squeezed my eyes closed, fighting back tears. Were all the girls at UCLA like this? How was I ever going to find friends? At that moment I wished Tina and Cheryl were here with me. I missed them so much.

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