Chapter 1: New Darkness

The sky flickered bright purple, waves of black particles filled the atmosphere. The elves and fairies of Faei looked out the barrier and felt a darkening presence looming over them. The king and queen were outside the castle where everyone else was trying to figure out what was going on. It was only early in the day, but it felt like night. The wind was blowing heavy, houses were toppling over, the fae were trying to stand there ground, but their tiny wings were no match for the powerful gusts. Also, from outside the magic barrier, creatures started coming up from the ground, and even inside the barrier! At first you could see electrical jolts spring up at the bottom of the barrier, then tiny purple lizards crawled their way out. The dome barrier started to flash, and then eventually vanish, as the elven folk started screaming and running out into the snowy woods beyond. The king and queen took their people, casting protection magic on them so the lizard creatures wouldn't harm them. Some of the elves were harmed, some were even killed, but most of them managed to get away and flee south into the human city of Sapphire. Some of them were scattered and fled west to the lands of Toukaisu, where they were aided by the Koorius. But, even they were not strong enough to destroy what was coming. The forests, caverns and even the temple was covered in dark shadows. After long years of peace, they did not believe this day would come, but it did... Every last elf and fae retreated away from Faei, leaving their home, ruined by a mysterious dark force from above. Shattered hope, shattered dreams and broken hearts were strewn about. Only one thing remained...

A small clearing within the wreckage of the now ruined Faei came into sight. A shadowy figure stepped out of a purple misty fog. It was an elf, a half elf to be more precise. He smiled at his surroundings and gave out a little chuckle. He was dressed in dark gold robes, his hair was also golden, swooped back like the gusty wind had formed it. His skin was lightly tanned, almost matching the tone of his robe and hair. He carried a small wand, twiddling it between his fingers. His name... is Amohi.

"This will do nicely" He said, in a snooty tone.

With one flick of his wand he summoned up a small camp around him. Purple shadowy particles danced around, forming tents, crates, boxes and even a perfectly lit campfire in the middle. A flag was also raised on one end of the camp, overlooking all of the tents. A dark symbol of a skull was embedded in the golden cloth, waving against the dark blowing winds. The elf took a seat next to the fire, stroking back is swooped golden hair and grinning into the orange glow of the flames.

"It was easier then I thought, those pitiful fairies had no clue I was coming this early, ha ha ha ha!" He laughed, just as thunder struck the night sky.

Amohi caught a glimpse of something in the distant, just as the lightning flash in the sky. He thought it was just the volts on the ground from a bolt of lightning. It stayed there, flickering in the distance, then slowly the sparks of electricity became bigger, and closer. It stretched out further, surrounding the camp. The sound of the static became louder as it came nearer. Something was out there, coming too close to the camp. Amohi kept staring straight ahead of him, trying to figure out what it was. The wall of sparks started breaking into smaller bits as it came in on him. Then he saw figures within the single floating clasps. It was those lightning lizards from before that helped break the barrier.

"Well, that's not very nice. Today is my birthday, and you turn on me now?" Amohi said, standing up slowly, his wand at his side, ready to cast a spell.

"Well, now how am I going to get all of you, there are so many..." Amohi scoffed at them, waving his precious dark wand around, conjuring up undead elves around him.

One by one, elven zombies came from beneath him, on every side of him surrounding him inside the camp. Their backs were turned to him, they faced the thunderous lizards. One of them zapped a zombie from his left side, but it had no effect, it just started walking forwards, the electricity stuck to its flesh sparkling a bit, then going out. The lizard backed away for a moment, then the other ones started coming in at them striking melee attacks instead.

Amohi just watched them battle each other, as he helped blast anti-lightning bolts at them one at a time. The electricity around the lizards was making Amohi flustered, so he used his wand and drained the light from the bolts, making them more visible.

"There you are, you little creeps." He said smirking.

The battle took place that night, the winds shifting in another direction. The elves and fairies were long gone now, hopefully in a better place. Their home taken over by this evil half elf warlock. This was only the beginning of a new evil in the world of Eroza. A new age had come, to test the inhabitants and bring about new adventure, new fears and new hopes and dreams. Something still seemed to be more deeper about this then expected, something the Moonfeathers of Faei didn't know.