Chapter 2: Evil Bird

The last of the electric lizards were killed off, all that was left, was a dark camp and many zombie corpses lying around bloody. Amohi couldn't see anything in the distance, only a small faint glow from the dying campfire. He sat there on the cold tundra ground, his power and energy drained from the battle. As he stared off into the darkness, he started to feel a bit dizzy and then began to nod off.

"I think I'll just..." Amohi said, just as he passed out onto a clump of snow.

The night drifted away slowly, Amohi lay there by himself in the dark camp. The campfire burned its last ember and went out. The stars in the sky shifted over him, as the rest of Eroza was sleeping peacefully, but not for Amohi.

He had nightmares and torturous visions of horrible things. The light that he had absorbed twisted his dreams into something more complex. He dreamed of love, hope, and light. But it was all taken away from him just like that. It was like he was seeing through the eyes of the fae that once lived here. Spirits of the fallen haunted his dreams, letting him know what evil he has done...

"Wake up..." He heard voices coming towards him.

"Is he alright?"

"Maybe we bonk his head!"

"No, don't Gizula!"


"Hey, he moved..."

"We bonk head now?!"


Amohi suddenly had a massive headache, his eyes opened slowly, his vision blurred by the dream, he still felt like he was dreaming.

"Are you okay?" Asked a human male, looming over him. Behind him was a giant female ogre wielding a huge wooden club.

Amohi blinked a few times, his vision becoming more clear. He was resting in one of the tents, outside it was morning, the snow was bright, it made him cringe and turn away.

Just as he did so, he heard gasps come from outside. A giant shadow was creeping over the campsite. The human and ogre left the tent to go investigate.

"What is that?" Said the male.

"It big, like... Like a big thing!" The funny ogre shouted, pointing her club upwards.

The giant shadow circled the campsite for awhile, until Amohi decided to look outside and notice whatever it was that was flying, swooped down and grabbed the human and took off back into the sky. The ogre screamed and started thumping around the campsite in a panic.

"What the?" Amohi said to himself, sitting upright on the small rickety bed.

A loud screech from above echoed down into the campsite. A body fell and smacked against the cold hard ground, light snow puffed around him from the impact.

"Mannis!" The ogre screamed, coming to the humans aid.

"Who the hell are these people?" Amohi said, irritated by their invasion of his camp.

The ogre then looked up again and ran off as a giant yellow bird came down after her this time. The force of its dive, blew snow into Amohi's tent.

"Hey! You there! Come out here and help!" Shouted another human male from outside.

"Whatever..." Amohi said, walking out slowly anyways to see what the fuss was all about. He was still dressed in his golden robes, but covered in glimmering snow.

"Do you know what this thing is?" Asked the human.

Amohi just shrugged and watched the giant bird flying overhead like it was no big deal. Clearly the half elf was confident enough in his warlock abilities to take on an oversized bird he had no clue about. The fight from last night and the dreams must still have his energy drained.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" The human was now in his face, grasping his robe tight in a fist.

"You shouldn't have done that." Amohi said, his black eyes glaring at the human. He grabbed hold of the humans neck and squeezed tight till he knocked him unconscious. He let him fall to the ground, then turned his glare to the bird up ahead, which was ready to dive down on him now.

Amohi extended his arms on each side of him, raising up off the ground a bit, the bright sky turned dim, then almost suddenly turned to night. But, in the distance of the rest of Eroza was still daytime. The giant bird came down fast and swallowed Amohi whole while he was in mid air!

He was taken away into the night sky. The massive bird started generating dark essence from its body as it flew away from the campsite now, screeching in pain. Amohi must have done something to it when It swallowed him.

Across the lands of Eroza, this strange giant bird traveled the skies, releasing this dark energy to the other places around the world. Nobody knew where it came from, or how to defeat it. This bird is known, as a Niwatori, very rare, and for a fat bird, can fly for a very long time, the essence it steals can give it immense energy to fly.

Now, Amohi was trapped inside the Niwatori, spreading his darkness to all of Eroza. This was not looking good at all, how would he be able to be stopped, or would he?

One known region of Eroza would be the only hope of defeating this creature, the land of the fae where they fled. Pixie Plains, the new home of Faei!