Chapter 3: Burning Darkness

Across the lands of Eroza, the large Niwatori bird carried Amohi through the dark night skies. He was literally inside the giant bird! He lay there tumbling in its stomach unconscious. His golden robe ripped apart, exposing some of his chest, arms and legs. The acids of the birds inside burned against his bronze skin.

He started to wake up, his shoulder smoldering with stomach acid, revealing some of the bone. He suddenly screamed in agony, the bird responded and started flying off balance. Amohi sat up the best he could to get a grip. His hands lay deep in a puddle of burning hot acid.

"What in the world, I'm inside the...!" Amohi was stunned, he brought up his hands, dripping acid, burning hot. His hands burst into flames! The pain suddenly vanished as he was filled with adrenaline and his own darkness now. The only light source visible to him was his own hands burning in the darkness.

"Burning, seething fire..." He said, his eyes glowing from the flames.

Amohi started punching against the inside of the birds stomach to get his way out, even though he was high up in the sky. Each blow made the bird screech loudly, all the people of Eroza below could hear it. Amohi didn't stop punching, slowly burning out two wholes in the side of the Niwatori.

The bird started hovering lower and lower, and dead ahead was mountains coming close. It tried to stay up, but was burning inside, it was running out of energy.

Inside, Amohi was still pounding and pounding, trying to break free. The flesh started to break open the holes now, feathers burning up as little flames and ash fly around. Below Amohi could see the mountain range, and also in the distance a small village near a dormant volcano mountain. Looking down all he could see was a bubbling hot lava bed surrounding the mountains and volcano.

The steam from the lava made Amohi's eyes burn from inside the cramped bird stomach, plummeting down towards the lava. His hands still flickering with flames, he ripped open the two holes open making one bigger hole, then looked for a place to jump out and land on. There wasn't much he could do, so he climbed out on top of the bird and steered it towards the edge of the lava against the base of the volcano. Down went the Niwatori, with Amohi standing on top holding onto it's head, crashing into the lava. Hot waves of burning hot lava splashing Amohi, scorching off the bottom of his robe, leaving him left in his black leggings.

Above him, in the night sky slowly turning into dawn, black smoke and darkness covers the bright awakening sun. Boiling lava surrounds Amohi, as he lay there on the warm rock against the volcano. His smooth bronze elven body covered in ash and blood. Looking up at the darkened sky, his evil spreads through the lands, through the mountains, down into the valleys and creeping in the forests. This was not looking good for Eroza.

He looked down at the dead Niwatori in the lava, his dark essence coming out of the gaping hole like smoke rising from a campfire. It's flesh and feathers burned up in the lava, leaving behind charred bones.

"Where... Am I?" Amohi said to himself, suddenly passing out.

The skies of dawn turned completely dark, seeming like an eternal night, waiting, for the light to reappear.