"Rox… I dunno. I mean, I really love him. But recently, it just seems not as right as it used to be. Does that make any sense?" I looked to the small texting cell phone sitting in my hands, waiting for it to vibrate so I could ignore the decision I was about to make, "I really need your advice here. I just met this guy, and I don't want to end anything for nothing else to happen but I don't think I could even continue with what I'm doing."

My best friend in the world, for all of a few years sat across from me on the small beat up couch in her grandparents living room. Having escaped my house, Roxie dragged me out for comfort food and to talk things out. I've always had a tendency for over thinking and the like.

"Jill, I've never liked him. I always had a bad feeling, you know that. And with the distance and everything? I wanted it to work out for your sake, but I just couldn't see it happening! Not that I like-" she was interrupted by my phone making the most obnoxious vibration, and when she looked, really looked at me, she sighed, "Jill. It's him, isn't it? I haven't seen you smile that nuttily in such a long time."

I blushed as my fingers ran across the keyboard on my phone. It was true. I hadn't felt this genuinely happy in what seemed like forever. Recently there had been so many small fights and unhappiness with my boyfriend, but I kept saying to myself 'it will all get better once we get some time this weekend' or 'just wait till we get on the phone tonight, then we'll be fine again.'

But the silences kept getting longer and more awkward on the phone and he kept getting busy while I just let it pass by.

"Rox, I think you're right." I looked into her thickly-fringed brown eyes and scooted closer to her so I could lay my head on her shoulder. "I can't do this any more."

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