La la la la

doo de de da

Cant get this tone

out of head

Singing along almost

fills me with dread

Fe fi fo fum listen

to the beat of the drums

One two three four

fill my head with these joyous sounds

Ring a ding ding

The bells will continue a-ringing

This poem my not have a beat

But in my mind I sing

The random thoughts the are saying to me

La la la

Doo de da da

Songs and beats

Make you tap you feet

But poems can really make you


Does this make you giggle

Does this make you laugh

I hope it does

Do you think my chest is flat

The earth maybe blue

The earth maybe green

But I am defiantly multi-color

Can you believe that

Ha ha ha ho he he he

What is the matter with me

I may be going crazy

Just look at this poem..

It's a complete mess

Maybe I just need a good slap

…. Please not hard