"I smell danger," Cathy said seductively to one of the more attractive policemen. "Let's go in there and see what we can see, shall we?"

"Oh, yes, Cathy.." he murmured, batting his eyelashes and wiggling his eyebrows at her. "Let's go find this Kevin man and TAKE HIM DOWN! - Then, perhaps, a spot of tea to end our adventuresome day."

"WOOOOOOOHOOOO!" she screamed as she batted down the door with her handy axe. "WE SHALL FIND YOU, KEVIN-MAN!" Just then, a bleary-eyed man in a hula skirt stumbled down the stairs.

"Whaaa? What are you - WAIT! IT'S YOU!" he screamed, suddenly lunging at her with his inflatable moose head. "This means war, Woman of the Flames!"

"Then maybe it's time for…. SPICY ITALIAN SAUSAGE!" she shouted at his face. The freezer magically opened and with her special Luke Skywalker moves, she Yoda-ed the sausage out of it and smacked him upside the head with it. "You shall never return!"

But suddenly, from out of the freezer also lunged Kevin's cat, Bobo. "No, Bobo!" Kevin cried as he sank to the floor. "Save yourself! Get Jenkins and escape! Use the secret trapdoor!" But Bobo could not be persuaded. Instead, he clawed at Cathy's axe… and sadly fell to the ground, also overcome by her viciousness. There was no beating this woman, it was clear to see. Even the police guys had run – all except the attractive one.

"And now," he said, pursing his lips as if he was about to kiss her, "we can go to the lakeside and eat a sandwich, like you always promised we would." Cathy turned around with MURDER IN HER EYES. "Wait!" Cried the attractive policeman. "I thought you loved me!"

Cathy paused. "Um, no, Stephen. Stop trying to not be gay."

"But – I – what – "

"GAAAHHHH!" And the moose head vanquished him.

The End.